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Learn of the plight of our Afghan sisters & brothers from the headlines of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

towards Global Sisterhood Network operations and to support feminist struggles in South Asia and the Middle East

 2015 Analyses by Women of Substance

  Farkhunda’s lynching in broad daylight illustrates a continuum of women's rights abuses in Afghanistan by Carol Mann

  GM Industry's legal constructs of personhood deny the common freedoms of democratic electorates by Vandana Shiva

Pakistan:  In the political arena, women acceptable only as proxies and/or extension of male politicians

Afghanistan: 8 girls in critical condition following mass poisoning at school in Samangan province

India: Women undergoing sterilisation in Bihar suffer from unsanitary conditions & extremely shoddy equipment

Read also: Women's reproductive rights sacrificed via pimary focus of 2014 budget on sterilisation

China-India: Masculinised sex ratios predicted to leave 21% of men aged 50 in China & 15% in India unmarried till at least 1970

Australia: Melbourne, May 6 2015, Shine Bright Candle Light Vigil for Women & Children slain in Domestic Violence

Iraq: Flourishing under the US-led Occupation, the systematic brutalisation of women continues into 2015

Afghanistan  Women take over responsibilities for burying sister Farkhunda brutally murdered by male mob

Australia: Majority of cases unreported, but sexual assaults against women and children, 93 % committed by men, rise by 19% in 2013-14

Afghanistan: Performance artist Kubra Khademi forced into hiding post-metal underwear demo against sexual harassment

International Women's Day 2015

UN 2015 Theme: Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity: Picture it! ­(but negotiations not to be squandered)

Global:   Female Genital Mutilation declining, but in some African & Middle Eastern countries still hovers at 80 per cent

India: Dr. V. Rukmini Rao, feminist extraordinaire, "Woman of the Year 2014"

Australia:  Rosie Batty, Australian of the Year, and a powerful, articulate catalyst for change to the country's Domestic Violence pandemic

Thailand: In face of significant Australian stains on Thai Women's wombs, surrogacy banned for foreigners

Turkey: Murder of Ozgecan Aslan who resisted rape, a tipping point for the country's feminists 

UK: Dementia - Underfunded, and a triple whammy for women as carers, victims, & researchers

Jordan:  Impoverished women from Turkman communities in Amman left nameless in birth, marriage & death

UK: 1.4 million women victims of Domestic Violence in 2014, 3 times more common amongst lowest incomes 

India: Women left to recover in cold, wet conditions as regulations again violated in Varanasi sterilisation camp

UN Security Council: Advised much more needed to end the brutalization of women & girls in conflict zones and essential to increase women's participation in peace efforts

China: Black Market Surrogate Industry lures school girls with large sums for perilous egg donations 

India: SC judges demand answers over controversial clinical trials of HPV vaccines in tribal girls and boys

India: In 2014 Delhi's overall crime rate increased by 100%, rape by 32%, with less than one-third of crimes solved 

Mexico: Six women slain daily, but misogyny & corruption inhibit justice for the country's pandemic of Violence Against Women

Global:   Gender inequality the scourge of the 21st century, with systemic change warranted at UN's 2015 reviews of Beijing Declaration and Sustainable Development Goals

China: Kong Ning, brave woman jailer-turned-lawyer-turned-artist, addresses environmental safety & speedy end to death penalty

India:   Chhattisgarh government's "Rat Poison Theory" to explain sterilisation deaths nothing less than a farce

Burma:  Multi-billion dollar Dawei SEZ [deep-sea port] project destroys women's livelihoods

Egypt: FGM a mockery of 2011 Revolution, and still prevalent despite 2008 ban

India: Deaths of 15 women finally drive home the misogyny of incentive-driven sterilisation camps

 30 Years Post-Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Ailing Bhopal widows revictimised in Vidhwa Colony, a Govt ghetto without basic sewage disposal etc, plus 3 Decades later, still no accurate data on the number of lives lost, plus "Cries for Justice" remain unanswered

350 metric tons of toxic waste still await disposal from Union Carbide’s defunct factory 

  Transgenerational toxic legacy of Union Carbide's gas leak lives on, but no support in 2014 for those falling ill and/or affected by birth defects as a result

India: Deaths of 15 women in Chhattisgar finally drive home the misogyny of the country's incentive-driven sterilisation camps

Also read ‘Oops, sorry, we’ve killed you’ repeated 15 times monthly in botched sterilisation of women

and   Poor women pay price for bipartisan, myopic, and barbaric population control via sterilisation

Global: UNRELENTING BACKLASH  How Male Violence Against Women Continues To Be Depoliticised by Jennifer Drew

Ebola: Another Man-made Pandemic?

West Africa:  The Making of the Ebola Tragedy: Inequality, Mistrust, Environmental Change

When education required, France, UK & the US use the deaths of thousands to remilitarize Guinea, Sierra Leone & Liberia 

Ebola is More Than a News Story - Instead a Time to Trade Despair for Hope and Action 

Australia: Rosemary Batty named Victorian of 2015 for courageously giving voice to Domestic Violence victims in the face of her own personal tragedy 

Global: Laws surrounding Commercial Surrogacy’s multi-billion doallar industry fail both gestational mothers (invariably poor women) & their infants

Australia:  Compared with men, women’s pay & wealth disadvantages soar to widest since 1994

Australia: Monster Climate Petition to the House of Representatives demanding immediate and effective action to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Petitioning PM Abbott for moral leadership rejecting limitations to women’s sovereignty over their choice of attire

 Pakistan: Acquiring Economic Independence a key factor in Shaista Bukhari & brave sisters completely ridding Pipalwala village of Domestic Violence

India: New research again demonstrates Two Child Policy to be anti-women & anti-girl child

Social activists seek ban to end commercial surrogacy’s miscarriages of justice for women

Iraq: Feminist outreach from 'Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq' (OWFI) offered to all woman captured & exploited by ISIS criminals and Interview with OWFI spokesperson Houzan Mahmoud indicating "Political parties need to draw women into their ranks to make themselves credible"

Australia: Equal Pay Day September 5 reveals women working an extra 64 days in 2013 to earn the same as men

UK: Low Paid Women excluded from Economy Upswing, with overall gender pay gap increasing to 19.1%

 Ireland: Growing consensus that 2013 Abortion Act fails to aid women enduring crisis pregnancies

Australia-Thailand: Surrogate Women’s wombs amount to far more than suitcases for babies

India: The Political Economy of Surrogacy - Huge profits vs. Exploitation of Women & Desires for Parenthood

Lack of political will, togetherwith poverty, retain the nation’s infamy of being home to a global third of child brides

: Poor women influence final draft of new ‘Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act’ proposing to make polygamy illegal

Mass Sterilization Camps shamed by thousands of failures & 10 women’s deaths each month 

  Adivasis protest against Polavaram “Dam Shame” now legislated to become their watery grave

And read more on the Palavaram Project via by Tony Stewart and V. Rukmini Rao

2014: The Feminist Spring

  #1 An exposè of the political, social, and economic flaws thwarting the road to equality

#2 An exposè of hijacked feminist agendas intended to flatten not flatter

India: Leaked Intelligence Bureau Report exposes Modi-led Govt’s pro-corporate plan of criminalising legitimate dissent

Read also: Feminist environmentalists (Shiva, Rodriguez & Kuruganti) pinpoint Intelligence Bureau Report's threat to country’s Food & Seed Sovereignty

 and Growth measured via commercialisation & commodification of resources is an anti-livelihood & environmentally damaging scam by Vandana Shiva

Iraq: Amid worsening armed violence, Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq sheltering women violated by ISIS atrocities and On the Occupation of Mosul and the Cities of Western Iraq

India: Post-landslide election, Modi’s BJP demonstrates lack of policy vision for women’s issues

Ireland: Feminists from No More Page 3 demand women’s freedom from daily sexual objectification in the media

Global: World Bank & UNFAO tinker with definitions, building pretentious hope of an end to poverty 

Australia: Lucrative Govt funding for roads, railways, airports etc,  but while causing greater mortality & morbidity in women than cancer and traffic accidents, men’s domestic violence-related issues remain relatively under-funded

Pakistan: Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act 2013 raises girl’s marriageable age to 18. Implementation the next hurdle!

India: Apologists for Girl Child Marriage in Rajasthan blame rampant practice on falling sex ratio

Pakistan: Child rape on the increase, with girls accounting for 71 per cent of victims

Global: The kidney is today’s blood diamond with the bodies of the poor exploited for the benefit of the wealthy 

Australia: Forensic evidence of victim’s “freeze fright” response finally acquires legitimacy to convict a Canberra rapist

Pakistan: In rural provinces, unlike men accused of Kara, women accused of Kari humiliated, sold for honour, or murdered

US: US: Ever-rising sexual assault within the military- The War Within where 88% of victims are women

India: Pre-16th Lok Sabha elections 2014, Women’s Charter ignored as country’s vanishing women “not even a blip on the political horizon”

Read also:  Increasing foeticide/infanticide further exposes women to bride-buying & trafficking perils

Global: Crass electronic gadgets fuel the thirst for the trafficking of the Congo’s Coltan deposits

India: Women’s security dependent on ending patriarchal view that females are children of a lesser god

Syria: Damascus Regime’s systematic mass rapes over past 3 years a fate worse than death for 50,000-plus women 

India: In Haryana, unwed women disallowed right to vote & women denied significant political roles

2014 MUSTS for Feminist Eyes and/or Ears

  Sex Ratios and Gender Biased Sex Selection: History, Debates & Future Directions by Mary E. John

  UPRISING: A New Age Is Dawning for Every Mother's Daughter by Sally Armstrong

Senegal: Tall as the Baobab Tree”, a film adding voice to the struggle against child marriage 

Patriarchy is an Institution to be Outlawed by Kamla Bhasin

  Considerations for Australia's next Woman Prime Minister by Diann Rodgers-Healey

 DRC: Gynaecologist Denis Mukwege pays tribute to his country's women while explaining the dynamics & destruction due to sexual violence

India: Overdue, but welcome crackdowns on anti-girl child violations of PCPNDT Act in Kerala and Haryana

Enough is more than enough as women demand an end to Male Sexual Harassment in media, university & judicial circles

Laws to negate gender discrimination & son preference often ineffective and/or counter-productive

Afghanistan: Plagued by opium addiction & hunger, women driven to rent their children out to beggars

Syria:   New report confirms conflict years coincide with targeted VAW, including abductions, rape & use as hostages

Global: Selected abortion of females a rampant and multi-billion dollar industry - their scarcity exposing girls & women to various other horrific violences

DRC: Mineral Economy's links to atrocities, as emerging "drone economy" gives new meaning to the term “Blood Coltan”

East Timor:   Laws against Domestic Violence have virtually no impact as culprits all too often granted leniency

Australia: Vandana Shiva delivers a lesson in feminist economics  reminding that “the real currency of life is life itself”

Burma: Statement issued by “Girl Determined” group calls for end to gender discrimination in education

Australia:      Hobart Nov 19 - 2013 EPOCH oration by Debra Hocking addressing Aboriginal Law & Children's Sacredness        

Brunei: Call for global support to oppose Violation of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms under new Shari'a Penal Code

US:   Roots To Resistance joins Malalai Joya with a Postcard to President Obama to end Afghan War & Occupation

Afghanistan: In 2013, a continuum of lethal violence prevails against women and girls in all sectors of society

Read also:Women’s justice denied by Parliamentary efforts to reduce women’s rights.

India: Courageous 'Daughter of the Sea', Jazeera Vadakkan, undaunted by threats from Kerala’s all-powerful sand mafia

Sudan: Women bravely defiant in face of a regime which criminalizes them to justify its misogyny

UK: Media joins self-absolving agencies to totally scapegoat Amanda Hutton for son’s starvation death

India: Women suffer lose of family & home and face sexual violence, extending to gang rape, from communal riots in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh

Egypt: National Council for Women joins with other NGOs proposing that the 2012 Constitution be amended to criminalise all Violence Against Women & ending gender-based discrimination

Global: Death by stoning on the rise. Sign the campaign to the UN to “Stop Stoning Women Now”

UK: Cameron-led Tory Coalition’s austerity cuts paint dim hopes for women’s short and long-term economic recovery 

Australia: Julia Gillard's predictions come to pass as new PM Tony Abbott takes just one week to prove his disdain for women

India: 40 years post-MTP Act implementation, safe & legal abortion still outnumbered by unsafe abortions which are responsible for a woman’s death every two hours

Guatemala: When resistance practically amounts to suicide, women  at the fore in seeking genocide justice & defending their land by Dianne Post

Pakistan: Planned extrajudicial killings included bravest of brave human rights hero Asma Jahangir


India: Ministry Committee labels PATH’s Gates Foundation-funded HPV vaccine trials a sordid & unethical affair

  One female slain every 4 minutes, 382 each day, via foeticide, maternal mortality & dowry murder in state of Uttar Pradesh

  As a consequence of the country's Rape Pandemic, female empowerment a lost cause,  and victim rehabilitation of scant concern

In wake of woman photo-journalist’s gang rape, Govt Minister’s solution neglects women’s professional licence to media freedom

  Calls for Zero Tolerance to All Crime, as India’s Criminal Law Amendment Act 2013 fails to stem Violence Against Women and Girls

Falluja vs London: The tragic inequality of an infant’s birth in Falluja compared with that of a Royal birth in London by Felicity Arbuthnot

 India: Forced hysterectomies violate the human rights of disabled young girls & women and fail to protect them from sexual abuse

Pakistan: Amidst the education crisis, Devolution Policy (Like Taliban misogyny) fails to increase female literacy 

India: Unregulated surrogacy worth $2.3 billion, but mothers underpaid & denied essential nutritional & health care

India: Women deliver a triple NO to verbal, and also Skype and Facebook triple talaq-type divorce

UK: Marion Bartoli’s beauty & tennis brilliance in 2013 serve to increase the shame of BBC and its broadcastor John Inverdale’s sport misogyny

India:  Joining the dots between the 2-child policy, medical technology, cultural patriarchy, and masculinized sex ratios with violence against women and girls

Europe: Increasing abortion of female fetuses, notably in The Balkans, due to patriarchal concepts & medical technologies 

 From Section "Don't say Feminist Medical Research didn't tell ya' so" re the HPV Vaccine

 Global: Vaccines, including HPV and Swine flu versions, linked to subsequent female infertility

Global: Though only an estimated 1 to 10% of HPV vaccine injuries reported, impact already deadly for at least 140, the vast majority being young girls

 Note: Recipients and/or their parents of the HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix are encouraged to participate in the Online Survey being conducted by Dr. Chandler Marrs at Lucine Biotechnology, a women's health research and diagnostics company committed to the discovery, development and commercialization of novel diagnostics for women's hormone health

US: Oncology Dietician, Sharlene Bidini, exposes flawed claim of HPV vaccine effectiveness

Australia:   Overdue for health minister to take cue from Japanese counterpart on HPV vaccine perils

 Japan: Due to serious adverse effects, Health Ministry suspends recommendation of  cervical cancer vaccination of 12-16 year-old girls

Global: The Obscene Profits of Bill Gates’ Big Pharma-Self-Serving Philanthropy & Eugenics

 Read also:  Bill Gates & his anti-biodiversity GMO Cronies investing $30M in doomsday Seed Vault

United Nations Human Rights Commission Session 23 2013: WUNRN Panel - India Women's Challenges for Security, Rights, Empowerment & Equality

Vatican:  Fat chance of reforms, and a gross betrayal of Church’s sexual abuse victims, with Cardinal George Pell’s inclusion within Pope Francis’s advisory group 

China:   One-child policy a scourge against the poor, women, female foetuses & the girl child

UK:   An important ePetition to Government on behalf of the country's Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

 USA: Rather than a victory for Women's Health, the big winner from Angelina Jolie’s prophylactic bilateral mastectomy is Myriad Genetics

India: Unethical hysterectomy of premenopausal rural women: Medical corruption, population control, or BOTH

 Australia: Bill Gates funded insanity, already established in Uganda, all set to impose inefficient & hazardous GM-bananas on India's women

Read also:  Australian women need to think twice before opting for the potent and unpalatable 'side effects' of the newly PBS-accredited abortion pills

India:  UN Special Rapporteur Rashida Manjoo witnesses evidence of amended laws which still permit a continuum of Violence against Women

A Decade post- Bush Jnr & A. Blair's shamefully contrived Shock and Awe Assault on Iraq

Bush Jnr and A. Blair: Unrepentant 10 years later for their ‘feminist mission’ which drove liberated women into burqas to survive

Following an invasion in the name of "Women's Rights",  US sold women out to gain Islamist parties' support for a post-invasion constitution, thereby  subjecting women to Sharia law

  The Iraq War and and Moral Injury by H. Patricia Hynes

Bathed in blood by Bush Jnr & Blair, & inheriting a sectarian war which threatens the region

Global :  Masculinized Sex Ratios and the Disappearing Girl Child by V. Rukmini Rao & Lynette J. Dumble

Read also:  Supreme Court of India & Andhra Pradesh State Govt stir action to prevent female foeticide

and   With Police & Courts as Patriarchy’s foot soldiers, India's 2013 legislation still leaves the girl child at highest risk of rape

Pakistan:: Amidst a world of feminized poverty, women reduced to economic nonentities whose destitution exacerbated by poor healthcare

Tripled female labour force in rural areas passes unacknowledged and unrewarded

India:  Men’s spate of acid attacks on women bear the ugly imprint of a violent, patriarchal culture

US:  Despite CNN & Steubenville’s apologists, a 16 yr old girl the sole victim of High School Footballer's rape

India: Draft Bill on Women’s Security bogged down by male MPs preoccupied with creating loopholes for men

Read also: Time to treat arrogant male defiance of gender-sensitive Rape & Abduction Laws on a par with acts of terrorism


Feminist Treasures departing Mother Earth 2013

2013 MUSTS for the Feminist Bookshelf

In the Body of the World - A Memoir by Eve Ensler

Women and Work, Edited by Padmini Swaminathan

  The Political & Social Economies of Femicide in Andhra Pradesh by Drs. V. Rukmini Rao and Lynette J. Dumble

US: Tragic testimonies of women recruits expose largest level of male sexual violence in Air Force history

Read also:   Military sexual trauma a major cause of difficulties faced by women returning home after combat service

 Ireland:  Crocodile tears for Magdalene laundry's women enslaved by State & Church patriarchs

US: Male surplus in North Dakota oil town linked to increased domestic & sexual assault of women

Bangladesh: Copy cats of “Delhi Bus Rapists” stir call for upholding dignity & security of women 

INDIA: Move over CRICKET, RAPE & GANG RAPE now the nation's No. 1 Sports

: "Braveheart was NOT India’s fucking daughter" by Dipanjali Rao

Insights into India’s Penile Code by Meena Kandasamy

 The gang rape of Braveheart-Nirbhaya reflects the broken promises made to midnight's children by Rupa Sengupta

The Connection Between Global Economic Policy and Violence Against Women by Vandana Shiva

India: Supreme Court admits writ petition against licensing and trials with Cervical Cancer vaccines implicating the Drugs Controller of India, PATH,  ICMR and others, ordering Government of India to immediately respond

Read also: Feminists file Serious Allegations against Gates Foundation & Cronies after HPV Vaccine trial deaths and ethical violations

and: SC accepts Women Activists’ Historic Petition over Unethical Trialing of HPV Vaccines