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Learn of the plight of our Afghan sisters & brothers from the headlines of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

towards Global Sisterhood Network operations and to support feminist struggles in South Asia and the Middle East

International Women's Day 2019

Afghanistan: Women raise their voices for justice, & fearful of Taliban return, claim their voice be heard at the US-brokered peace process

Australia: Celebrating an army of exceptional women, but one day (IWD) alone, often too polite, won'r end enduring inequalities

Egypt: From nationwide breast cancer screening to debt relief amongst President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi's host of promises made to women

India: Unsafe realities negate tall claims of women and girls equality in education, employment & politics 

Myanmar: An Open Letter to Aung San Suu Kyi to seat women at the nation's peace table

Pakistan Women take to streets to end gender-based violence, child marriage, honour killings, workplace discrimination ....

UK: Ipsos MORI IWD study reveals women still have a long way to go, ­ especially in Govt & politics

 Breaking News for Feminists 2019

Spain  New alliance denting "EU's major brothel" and its mega-profits from women trafficked into sex slavery  

US: Lawsuits set to challenge undermining of abortion choices by Govt Department of Health & Human Services and Pro-Life cronies

Pakistan: Poor Christian girls prey for Bride & Sex trafficking markets back in China

 India: Mifepristone & Misoprostol pills identified as the main cause of abortion fatalities

 Global: Worldwide acclaim where it counts most [from the United Arab Emirates to India and to the United States]  for New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern's leadership against terrorism

New Zealand: PM Jacinda Ardern responds to Christchurch's mosque atrocities with outstanding, unique and unforgettable steely integrity
 Spain : Exploited & abused crossing the Mediterranean, women refugees face further perils on arrival

Feminists from India and Pakistan at the Asia Pacific Forum on Women Law and Development call for Peace in the region

Vatican Crucial Women's Voices at Summit to eradicate Clergy's Sexual Abuse of Minors 

India: Winds of change reach Haryana as an army of Trafficked Brides evolve from lives of deprivation into survivor leaders

  Kerala & Karnataka State Govts diabolically short-changing victims afflicted by decades of aerially spraying the pesticide endosulfan in Plantation Corporation's cashew farms

Robbed of childhood & Right to Education, and with health jeopardised, Child Brides part of 1 in every 6 marriages in state of Karnataka

London Pre-eminent journal commits to feminist analyses as  essential for the meaningful address of the gender bias prevailing within medical structures

 Afghanistan : After 40 years of War, Women are desperate for peace but not at the cost of reinstating the Taliban

UK : In absence of political will to ban, cruel & dangerous African practice of Breast Ironing girl's chests continues

Asia  Bride shortage in China & India fuels the trafficking of women & girls in an expanding market

Brazil  With Domestic Violence rife, President Bolsonaro's relaxation of gun laws scares the life out of women

Global  Human trafficking more horrific than ever, at 70 % women & girls are the most vulnerable


 India: Deccan Development Society's two-decade-long Festival of Biodiversity lauds Telangana's women farmers' cultivation of millets for nutritional & medicinal benefits

  New Regulations risk sending lucrative surrogacy abuses & exploitations underground  

 Breaking News for Feminists 2017-2018

 India : Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill approved by the Lok Sabha, but exploitation loopholes persist

UK : Call for Domestic Abuse Bill to protect specialist services as more than 100 women slain annually by men   

  Unlike Vatican's ideology/misogyny, Buddhist tradition not against a woman Dalai Lama

Afghanistan:  Coaches & Federation Officials inflict physical & sexual abuse on nation's Female Footballers 

Germany: Bayer-Monsanto marriage heads down the drain - shares down 35%, 12,000 jobs slashed 

UK UN Report on poverty says welfare system cruel & misogynistic, but Govt myopically in denial! 

Australia  Royal Commission's recommendations on Domestic Violence - Unlike the Conservative Federal & NSW State Govts, only the Victorian Labor Govt (supported by The Greens) stands committed to fully implement & fund 

Global:For millions of women, the family home is the cradle of men's violence - far too often lethal

India: Patriarchal denial of property rights, together with Government apathy, ensures that women farmers remain the invisible hands of agriculture

: Catholic Church, a citadel of patriarchy, challenged by nuns seeking women's dignity in the Church and in society at large

Egypt: Declining number of girls and women undergoing circumcision, but FGM under medical supervision on the rise

Afghanistan: New Report shows  USAID's Promote program, together with an intransigent society, forever failing the country's women

Vatican: Pope Francis joins his Church's criminals in failing victims of priestly sexual abuse

Australia Gender bias in later pregnancies distorting Child Sex Ratio to 122 -125 boys per 100 girls within Victoria's key migrant communities

: Spate of female murders, & rape-murders, justify horror & fear of men's violence

India: Brave senior nun accusing a Bishop of rape sheds light on Catholic Church's abuse of professed religious women 

Obsession with son preference prevails, with Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PC & PNDT) infringements highest in Northern States

Thailand : In absence of expensive HPV Vaccine, low-cost, side-effect free VIA- cryotherapy eliminates cervical cancer

Argentina  After Lower House Abortion Bill Victory, confidence rises for prompt Senate approval

Germany-US : Dubbed a deadly wedding, Bayer-Monsanto merge to become Bayer Crop Science, raising environmental & food security fears 

Ireland Rape victims left humiliated & destroyed by brutally misogynic gardaí, lawyers & judges 

UK: Thousands groomed for sexual slavery via forced marriage go under-reported & unprotected by Government

Ireland National electorate voted emphatically to finally give women abortion choice Print E-mail

France 82 women symbolically call time on the gross underpresence of female directors in Cannes Film Festivals’ 71-year history 

India: Despite Beti Bachao fanfare in Haryana, lax implementation sees stagnant Child Sex Ratio at birth

Bharatiya Janata Party leaders’ crime involvement & defence of the culprits as outrageous as the rape of minor girls in Kathua & Unnao - plus BJP Leaders - Licence to rape?

Nation's Abuse of Women is the Biggest Human Rights Violation on Earth

  MAKAAM,The Forum For Women Farmers' Rights, condemns the rape & murder of an 8 yr-old girl, & all such acts which violate women's bodies to terrorize marginalised communities and deny them their traditional lands and resources

Bharatiya Janata Party patronage of gang rapists in Kashmir & Uttar Pradesh shames nation & hinders justice 

Despite New Laws, Mumbai Public Hearing reveals women brutalised by domestic violence still failed at all levels 

As too, Majlis Report exposes hurdles at every step for Child Sexual Abuse victims

UN Women:  Voices from the 62nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women focusing on rural women & girls

Brazil: March 14 2018 Assassination of Marielle Franco, the voice women & minorities, creates global outrage & threatens a national revolution

Armenia: Second only to China with sex-selected abortions to avoid birth of a girl child 

Tributes to Asma Jahangir, Pakistan's fearless life-long champion for Human Rights who died of cardiac arrest, February 11 2018

The Netherlands All set to prosecute punters buying sex from trafficked, pimped, or otherwise coerced women

 Global: February 6 Call for Zero Tolerance as, in presence & absence of national laws against, Female Genital Mutilation remains widespread

India 8-month-old baby girl's rape coincides with Economic Survey's overdue warning of perilous patrilinear misogyny

Europe-North America: Rampant "Islamaphobia Industry" creates vicious hostility towards veiled women

Global: An insight into Bill Gates as the world's deadliest Do-Gooder 

Australia: Mothers bear the brunt of teenage boy's domestic violence in the State of  Victoria 

India: 33 years on, Bhopal victims of Union Carbide poisoning wait in vain for due recompense 

UK: England and Wales infamously triple the highest rape count in the European Union 

 Global: Domination of oceans by corporate fishing vessels adds to burdens faced by women fisherfolk

Egypt: Dr Nawal El Saadawi's Letter to Young Feminists: Empowering wisdom for women of all ages to resist capitalist, patriarchal, racist and religious oppression

Australia : A Nation's YES via post votes overwhelmingly to end discrimination against Same-Sex Marriage

Ireland: Catherine Corless awarded National Human Rights Award for exposing Tuam Infant atrocities

India Supreme Court rules sex with minor bride is rape, but marital rape still remains a non-ctiminal offence against wives aged 18-plus

Norway:  Nobel Peace Prize 2017 to Non-Govt- Coalition's International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

UK: Reach All Women in WAR honors India's slain journalist Gauri Lankeshl with 2017 Anna Politkovskaya Award

with  Pakistan's equally brave co-founder of Aware Girls as co-recipient of the award

 India: After decades of Child Trafficking, Telangana Govt bans Minors' Marriages to Aging Shieks

Lest We ForgetFeminist Treasures departing Mother Earth 2017-2018

Bonita Mabo  One of Australia's Greatest Matriarchs, an Indigenous Inspiration and Mother of Native Title, died aged 75 on 26 November 2018

Betty Cuthbert: Champion Athlete & Champion Woman who inspired generations, died aged 79 on August 6 2017 

Nazha Saad  Tireless activist & humanitarian, totally committed to social justice, aged 57, died on August 14, 2017

Fiona Richardson  Australia's Fearless, Principled and Passionate First Minister for Family Violence Prevention, aged 50, died on August 23 2017

Gauri Lankesh  Journalist & courageous voice for India's marginalised, aged 57, murdered on September 5 2017 


Conferences for Feminists 2017

 Women In War Conference Odessa 2017: Women and men experiencing revolutionary change 1917-2017

International Widows Day Convention Hyderabad India 2017: Stark link between Child Marriage and Widowhood hardship and abuse due to husband's alcohol-related deaths

Read also: India:  Post-Nirbhaya era of more stringent laws, 277% Rise In Reported Rape Cases in Delhi but Conviction rates dip to 30%

For the Feminist Bookshelf 2016-2018

A Transnational Feminist View of Surrogacy Biomarkets in India by Sheela Saravanan

  The Women's Atlas by Joni Seager

  Key Thinkers on the Environment By Joy A. Palmer Cooper and David E. Cooper (Editors)

Elimination of Child Marriage in India by Action Aid

The America Syndrome - Apocalypse, War, and Our Call to Greatness by Betsy Hartmann

Women, Law and Culture - Conformity, Contradiction and Conflict by Jocelynne Scutt (Editor)

  Surviving burns with care: A gender-based analysis of burns epidemiology in Bengaluru and challenges to the health system by Sochara and Vimochana

The State of Female Foeticide in Uttarakhand by Asian Centre for Human Rights

Female Infanticide Worldwide: The case for action by the UN Human Rights Council by Asian Centre for Human Rights

 Threadbare: Clothes, Sex, and Trafficking by Anne Elizabeth Moore & Co-feminist Artists