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Film Detailing US Human Rights Abuses in Afghanistan


Report by Charlie Pottins
Published: 23//01/05

In May/June 2004, Walkley-award winning investigative reporter Carmela Baranowska was embedded with U. S. Marines in one of the most dangerous and remote parts of Afghanistan, beyond the reach of UN and aid agencies.

Frustrated by the limitations imposed on what she could report, Baranowska decided to travel back to Oruzgon Province independently of the U. S. Marines and Afghan militia that she had journeyed with up to that point. Western media outlets reported her kidnapping by the Taliban; a ‘fact' the documentary dispels. (The source of reports of an abandoned vehicle and Taliban abduction of a western woman has never been uncovered.)

More importantly, Baranowska's footage offers disturbing first-person accounts of the treatment being dealt Afghans by U. S. marines in the war on terror and has led to three US military inquiries and the controversial "firing" of the US Marine operational commander in Central Afghanistan. Despite these results none of the US military inquiries have been made public.

Camila Baranowska, touring Europe and the US with the film will be in the UK from Monday 24th - Sunday 30th January. She is available for interview.

London screenings

Screenings organized so far:

Tuesday 25th Jan SOAS Student Union, Khalili Lecture Theatre, Thornhaugh Street, WC1 7-9pm

Thursday 27th Jan Goldsmiths College, Room 137, University of London, New Cross SE14, 7. 30pm - 9pm

Friday 28th Afghan Association of London Meeting Room, Community Premises, 27 Northolt Road, South Harrow 6 - 8pm *Private Screening*

Please email Carmela directly at or call 0044 7749 421 576 to arrange interviews and further screenings

Taliban Country
Unclassified 18+
Carmela Baranowska, 45 mins, Australia, 2004

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