Miscellaneous Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest
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Reach All Women in WAR also honors Pakistan's Gulalai Ismail with 2017 Politkovskaya Award 45
Reach All Women in WAR honors India's Gauri Lankesh with 2017 Anna Politkovskaya Award 48
Nobel Peace Prize 2017 to NGO, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons 34
India: After decades of Trafficking, Telangana bans Child Marriages to Aging Shieks 49
India: Home to One in Every Three of the World's Child Marriages 180
USA: Betsy Hartmann's latest book exposes the apocalypse obsession as dating back to the Puritans 206
UK: The [cricket] band played on, even as Grenfell Tower's under-estimated were burnt alive 342
Australia: Wide calls to rename Margaret Court Arena after latest dose of her bigotry 273
South Sudan: Afflicted with dual Weapons of War, Starvation & Rape, women bear face of genocide 266
India: Supreme Court directs Centre & 3 State Govts to ban female genital mutilation 295
Tibetan Women Empowerment Conference: Dalai Lama lauds women's role in preserving Tibet's traditions 402
Australia: Pauline Hanson adds family violence & Muslims to Asian bigotry on return to parlaiment 720
Cambodia: Lawless surrogacy hub emerges for womb renters post India's impending crackdown 660
Pakistan: Women's emancipation urgently awaits politics & sociology purged of religion & patriarchy 852
Australia: Foreign Aid, in contrast to Sweden & other wealthy nations, getting chronically stingier 1045
Sweden: National Action Plan prioritises support for Women's Rights in Burma & conflicted nations 1121
Pakistan: Media neglects VAW, especially domestic, working conditions & climate change 868
India: The inspirational power and courage of women who fight against the worst odds 864
Egypt: Slightly edgy new peace marks high hopes of a golden era for women 978
Afghanistan: Kerry Jane Wilson, empowering women for 2 decades, abducted in Jalalabad 1001