Miscellaneous Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest
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Vatican: Pope Francis joins his Church's criminals in failing victims of priestly sexual abuse 65
Australia: Son-preference distorting CSR to 122 -125 boys/ 100 girls amongst migrant communities 122
UK: Thousands groomed for sexual slavery via forced marriage under-reported & unprotected by Govt 165
France: 82 women symbolically call time on their gross underpresence in Cannes’ 71-year history 181
India: Despite Beti Bachao fanfare in Haryana, lax implementation sees stagnant CSR at birth 179
India: BJP leaders’ crime links & culprit defence as outrageous as rape of girls in Kathua & Unnao 201
India: MAKAAM condemns the rape & murder of an 8 yr-old girl in J&K and all such acts ... 215
India: Majlis Report exposes hurdles at every step for Child Sexual Abuse victims 298
India: Mumbai Public Hearing reveals women brutalised by domestic violence still failed @ all levels 260
UN Women: Voices from the Commission on the Status of Women focusing on rural women & girls 256
Netherlands: Set to prosecute punters buying sex from trafficked, pimped, otherwise coerced women 388
India: 8-month-old baby girl's rape coincides with overdue warning of perilous patrilinear misogyny 508
Global: An insight into Bill Gates as the world's deadliest Do-Gooder 531
India: 33 years on, Bhopal victims of Union Carbide poisoning wait in vain for due recompense 612
Australia: A Nation's YES via post votes overwhelmingly to end discrimination against Gay Marriage 499
Ireland: Catherine Corless awarded National Human Rights Award for exposing Tuam infant atrocities 621
India: SC rules sex with minor bride is rape, but marital rape still non-ctiminal for wives aged 18+ 626
UK: Reach All Women in WAR also honors Pakistan's Gulalai Ismail with 2017 Politkovskaya Award 657
UK: Reach All Women in WAR honors India's Gauri Lankesh with 2017 Anna Politkovskaya Award 697
Norway: Nobel Peace Prize 2017 to NGO, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons 611