Miscellaneous Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest
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USA: Betsy Hartmann's latest book exposes the apocalypse obsession as dating back to the Puritans 29
UK: The [cricket] band played on, even as Grenfell Tower's under-estimated were burnt alive 94
Australia: Wide calls to rename Margaret Court Arena after latest dose of her bigotry 77
South Sudan: Afflicted with dual Weapons of War, Starvation & Rape, women bear face of genocide 93
India: Supreme Court directs Centre & 3 State Govts to ban female genital mutilation 111
Tibetan Women Empowerment Conference: Dalai Lama lauds women's role in preserving Tibet's traditions 197
Australia: Pauline Hanson adds family violence & Muslims to Asian bigotry on return to parlaiment 427
Cambodia: Lawless surrogacy hub emerges for womb renters post India's impending crackdown 440
Pakistan: Women's emancipation urgently awaits politics & sociology purged of religion & patriarchy 635
Australia: Foreign Aid, in contrast to Sweden & other wealthy nations, getting chronically stingier 735
Sweden: National Action Plan prioritises support for Women's Rights in Burma & conflicted nations 822
Pakistan: Media neglects VAW, especially domestic, working conditions & climate change 671
India: The inspirational power and courage of women who fight against the worst odds 660
Egypt: Slightly edgy new peace marks high hopes of a golden era for women 705
Afghanistan: Kerry Jane Wilson, empowering women for 2 decades, abducted in Jalalabad 807
Pakistan: Women & Girls reclaimjng ownership of public spaces via 'Feminism Over Chai' 805
Australia: Girls too abused by infamous paedophile Ridsdale & failed by his support from George Pell 1010
Australia: Brigid Arthur CSB continues to bravely defy Govt's calculated cruelty against refugees 804
India: Broad opposition to mandatory sex determination – solitary thumbs up from the IMA 897
Pakistan: Women to reclaim public space & avoid street violence via Women on Wheels project 831