Analyses by Women of Substance in the Third Millennium
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Anne Summers: Manchester bombing was revenge agst women & girls expressing their freedom 35
Betsy Hartmann: Making Music Out of the Post-Inaugural Blues 175
Alaka M. Basu: Women's health programmes worldwide Trumped 280
Marie De Santis: Images Matter! Ditch the Demeaning Pink Pussy Hats! 182
Betsy Hartmann: Ten Ways to Build a Broad Progressive Movement against Trump 327
Anne Summers: Shame on those mocking DV & Racism victims as mere fodder for an "industry" 393
Vandana Shiva: Monsanto & Co's Seeds destroy biodiversity, & push farmers to suicide 613
Carol Mann: Farkhunda’s lynching illustrates Afghanistan's continuum of human rights abuses 1478
Vandana Shiva: GM's legal constructs of personhood deny common freedoms of democratic electorates 1416
Jennifer Drew: UNRELENTING BACKLASH - How Male Violence Against Women Continues To Be Depoliticised 1649
Renate Klein: Surrogate Women’s wombs amount to far more than suitcases for babies 1211
Vandana Shiva: Growth measured via commercialisation & commodification of resources is a scam 1322
Lynette Dumble & Jocelynne Scutt: Crass electronic gadgets fuel thirst for Congo’s Coltan deposits 1531
Kamla Bhasin: Patriarchy is an Institution to be Outlawed 1119
Dianne Post: In Guatemala, women at the fore in seeking genocide justice & defending their land 1699
Felicity Arbuthnot: The tragic inequality of an infant’s birth in Iraq c/w that of a Royal in the UK 1287
H Patricia Hynes: The Iraq War and and Moral Injury 1914
V. Rukmini Rao & Lynette J. Dumble: Masculinized Sex Ratios and the Disappearing Girl Child 2686
Vandana Shiva: The Connection Between Global Economic Policy and Violence Against Women 1933
Rupa Sengupta: The gang rape of Nirbhaya reflects the broken promises made to midnight's children 1748