From feminists: DifferenTakes
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DifferenTakes #72: Justice for All? Youth Environmental Activism & New Framings of Social Justice 1891
DifferenTakes #50: Flagging an Invisible Difference in a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Depo-Provera 3376
DifferenTakes #49: Decriminalizing Abortion in Mexico City: A Victory for Women's Health and Rights 2346
DifferenTakes #48: India's Saffron Demography: So Dangerous, Yet So Appealing 2869
DifferenTakes #47: Old Roots, New Shoots: Eugenics of the Everyday 2547
DifferenTakes #46: From Explosion to Implosion: A Call for Population Skepticism 4589
DifferenTakes #45: Control Freaks: "Homeland Security" and "Interoperability" 2126
DifferenTakes #43: Colonizing the Future:"Scarcity" as Political Strategy 2805
DifferenTakes #42: Too Many Grannies? The Politics of Population Aging 4542
DifferenTakes #41: The Testosterone Threat: Sociobiology, National Security and Population Control 5719
DifferenTakes #40: 10 Reasons to Rethink 'Overpopulation' 13728
DifferenTakes #39: Population-Environment Programs: Problematic Assumptions 2458
DifferenTakes #38: The Politics of Abortion and Reproductive Justice: Stronger Movement Strategies 2509
DifferenTakes #37: Ten Reasons Why Prisons are Bad for Reproductive Freedom 2607
DifferenTakes #36: Beyond the Hype: What You Should Know About the Seasonale Birth Control Pill 3408
DifferenTakes #35: The U.S. Occupation and Rising Religious Extremism: 2080
DifferenTakes #34: Quinacrine Sterilization in India 3098
DifferenTakes #33: Egg Donation for IVF and Stem Cell Research: 4289
DifferenTakes #32: Depo-Provera:Old Concerns, New Risks 4787
DifferenTakes #30: Reproductive Health and the FDA: Buffeted by Political Battles 2267