Don't say Feminist Medical Research didn't tell ya' so
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Thailand: In absence of HPV Vaccine, side-effect free VIA- cryotherapy prevents cervical cancer 478
US: ACP warns of HPV vaccine's suspect trials & 2 case report series of premature ovarian failure 2108
India: Women's reproductive rights sacrificed via 2014 budget focus on sterilisation 1756
India: SC judges demand answers over clinical trials of HPV vaccines in tribal girls and boys 2790
Global: Vaccines, including HPV and Swine flu versions, linked to subsequent female infertility 2135
Global: Tho' less than 10% of HPV vaccine injuries reported, impact deadly for 140 youngsters 2038
US: Oncology Dietician, Sharlene Bidini, exposes flawed claim of HPV vaccine effectiveness 2326
Australia: Overdue for health minister to take cue from Japanese counterpart on HPV vaccine perils 2127
Japan: Due to adverse effects, recommendation of HPV vaccination of 12-16 yr-old girls suspended 2618
Australia: Women need to think twice before opting for the newly PBS-accredited abortion pills 2181
India: SC accepts Women Activists’ Historic Petition over Unethical Trialing of HPV Vaccines 2696
India: Feminists file Serious Allegations against Gates Foundation & Cronies after HPV Vaccine trial 2705
Population control: Unseating family planning to the detriment of women’s & children’s health 2440
Global: Women addicted to drugs neglected by drug treatment, harm reduction, and HIV programmes 3019
Dubious research statistics lead to BigPharma claims of 'Viagra for Women' 5026
Feminist fears of HIV perils from long-acting contraceptives finally dawn on mainstream medicine 5195
Australia: BigPharma and Government maintain HPV vaccine safety even as casualties continue to mount 4761
France: Medics booked for manslaughter of children exposed to CJD-infected pituitary growth hormone 2546
US: 2006 FDA imprimatur on breast implants & misleading advertising exposes women to expensive risks 3856
Manditory HPV Vaccination: A crock to fill BigPharma coffers 2754