Feminism's New Waves: A recap of changes and emerging issues 1970-2015
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The Feminist Spring: #1 An exposè of political-social-economic flaws thwarting the road to equality 1482
The Feminist Spring: #2 An exposè of hijacked feminist agendas intended to flatten not flatter 1565
UK: Radical Feminists celebrate the first women-only, radical feminist conference in 25 years 2046
UK: Jennifer Drew Lectures on the Successes [& Works in Progress] of the 1970s Feminist Movement 2461
Canada: Battles agst inequity & violence remain to be won, not for lack of feminist effort or vision 2045
Sweden: Feminist Initiative Party burns 100,000kr, the symbol of women's minutely pay gap 2242
Australia: 36 years post-ratifying the UN Equal Remuneration Conv, Women still await Equal Pay 1932
US: Enlightened sexism [high-profile success stories which mask persistent inequality] takes root 2419
Online Media: IPS Gender Wire the desired exception asking ‘what does a story mean for women/girls?’ 1954
Ireland: Celebrating Sisterhood - A lot done, a lot more to do 2054