Abortion Matters
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Poland: Thousands of black-clad women protest against proposed near-total abortion ban 596
US: Supreme Court strikes down 2013 Law aimed at closing majority of Texas's abortion clinics 729
Australia: For the first time in decades, women able to miss running gauntlet of pro-life protesters 768
Northern Ireland: High Court rules Abortion Law breaches Human Rights, but plus ça change ..... 1027
Ireland: Growing consensus that 2013 Abortion Act fails to aid women enduring crisis pregnancies 1038
Spain: Most restrictive abortion draft law in nation's history sparks country-wide fury 1029
India: 40 years post-MTP Act implementation, unsafe abortions still outnumber safe & legal abortions 1412
Ireland: Government finally grows spine to permit abortion where a mother’s life at substantial risk 1735
Malaysia: Health Minister puts medical fraternity on notice for charging exorbitant abortion fees 2302
Ireland: A tragic death highlight’s women’s peril due to Govt inertia on abortion permits 1851
Australia: "Dangerous Remedy", a stark reminder of the rare courage of Dr. Bertram Wainer & 1574
UK: Cameron-led Tories forcing women to fight again for already hard-won abortion rights 1542
Global: Unsafe abortion rates rising, overall & unsafe rates higher where practice banned 4152
China: An all too brief campaign against prenatal sex determination & sex-selective abortion 2575
Nicaragua: Supreme Court vilifies the nation's women by trivializing 'Rape' as 'Fit of Passion' 3219
Argentina: Outdated 1922 Abortion ban, plus medical ignorance, at root of rising maternal deaths 1709
India: Sex selective abortion, especially for pregnancies after a firstborn girl, markedly increased 3612
UK: Cameron sells out pro-choice, giving anti-abortion lobbyists foothold in sexual health reform 2119
Ireland: Abortion denial shamed by cancer-stricken women’s ordeals, & by European Courts of HR 3316
US: Sister Song-led Coalition foils Georgia Right to Life & GOP plan to restrict abortion access, 2853