WW III: Third Millennium Violence & Injustice against Women and the Girl Child
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USA: Disbelief, inaction, blame, retaliation lead women to avoid reporting sexual harassment 76
India: Despite Telangana's Vasectomy Fortnight women left bearing the brunt of crude family planning 196
India: 2 yrs post-18 women's deaths in tubectomy camp, State's sterilisation obsession prevails 279
US: Self-ordained as a movement, Trump's rednecks slam the White House door on Clinton 254
India: Bengaluru Report links rising women's deaths due to burns to domestic violence 384
India: Women & Girls hindered by fear of sexual harassment & violence epidemics in public spaces 359
India: Amidst increasing VAW, acid attacks emerge as terrifying new threat to women of West Bengal 399
India: Uttarakhand Govt fails to prevent female foeticide & provide girl child's securities 565
Global: As Laws fail, Female Foeticide widespread, led by Liechtenstein, China, Armenia & India 871
Pakistan: Punjab Protection of Women against Violence Act 2016 fails to address rising acid attacks 646
Australia: Forget Equal Pay - truth instead women pocket significantly less money in today's economy 573
Afghanistan: Failure to monitor mediation solutions to VAW restricts reg of complaints in the courts 612
India: Rukmini Rao laments the raw deal of women farmers at Women Farmers’ Rights Forum 634
Pakistan: Govt blames women to duck blame for widespread death toll of children in Thar 685
Canada; Indian Immigrants maintain masculized sex ratio at birth, 4,472 'missing girls' 735
Australia: Royal Commission's Face of Family Violence - 34 yr-old Australian born male 649
Australia: Post-Abbott, the misogynist abuse from Liberal Party cronies continues 837
Iraq: Yazidi women, judged too old for sex slavery, murdered by ISIL's butchers 831
Nepal: Patrilinear culture, Legalised abortion & Declining fertility amount to FEMICIDE 1193
South Sudan: Brutal gang rape of women & girls becomes the reward of Govt-allied forces 1162