WW III: Third Millennium Violence & Injustice against Women and the Girl Child
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India: With health jeopardised, Child Brides part of 1 in every 6 marriages in state of Karnataka 190
UK: In absence of political will to ban, cruel practice of Breast Ironing girl's chests continues 172
Asia: Bride shortage in China & India fuels the trafficking of women & girls in an expanding market 164
Brazil: With Domestic Violence rife, Bolsonaro's relaxation of gun laws scares the life out of women 162
India: New Regulations risk sending lucrative surrogacy abuses & exploitations underground 183
UK: Call for Domestic Abuse Bill to protect specialist services as >100 women slain annaully by men 174
Afghanistan: Coaches & Fed. officials inflict physical & sexual abuse on nation's female footballers 240
Global: For millions of women, the family home is the cradle of men's violence-far too often lethal 270
Australia: Spate of female murders, & rape-murders, justify horror & fear of men's violence 417
India: Brave senior nun accusing a Bishop of rape sheds light on Catholic Church's abuse of nuns 686
Ireland: Rape victims left humiliated & destroyed by brutally misogynic gardaĆ­, lawyers & judges 855
India: Nation's Abuse of Women is the Biggest Human Rights Violation on Earth 644
India: BJP patronage of gang rapists in Kashmir & Uttar Pradesh shames nation & hinders justice 610
Armenia: Second only to China with sex-selected abortions to avoid birth of a girl child 713
Global: In presence & absence of laws against, Female Genital Mutilation remains widespread 720
Europe-Nth America: Rampant "Islamaphobia Industry" creates vicious hostility towards veiled women 871
Australia: Mothers bear the brunt of teenage boy's domestic violence in Victoria 1362
UK: England & Wales infamously triple the highest rape count in the European Union 962
India: Post-Nirbhaya rape, 277% Rise In Reported Cases in Delhi, but conviction rates drop to 30% 1102
India: Child Marriage survivors also face further hardship and abuse due to early widowhood 1157