The Global Struggle for Farmers' Rights, Food Security, Women's Livelihoods
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Germany: Bayer-Monsanto marriage heads down the drain - shares down 35%, 12,000 jobs slashed 97
India: Patriarchal denial of property rights retains women farmers as invisible hands of agriculture 215
Germany-US: Dubbed a deadly wedding, Bayer-Monsanto merge to become Bayer Crop Science, 377
Global: Domination of oceans by corporate fishing vessels adds to burdens faced by women fisherfolk 744
USA: Nail in Monsanto's coffin as 2015 California ruling upheld to declare Roundup's carcinogens 1526
North America: Genetic tailor's arguments flaunting positives of GM-crops prove false on all fronts 1535
India: Nation-wide rejection of claims touting advantages of genetically-modified Mustard 1422
India: Feminist environmentalists pinpoint IB Report's threat to country’s Food & Seed Sovereignty 1617
Norway: Bill Gates & his anti-biodiversity GMO Cronies investing $30M in doomsday Seed Vault 2101
Australia: Bill Gates funded insanity set to impose inefficient & hazardous GM bananas on India 2454
US: Global Food Security enemies in the shape of the White House, USDA, Monsanto et al. & Bill Gates 1675
India: “Gold” of Bt Cotton just a load of Mahyco-Monsanto & Times of India's hogwash 2167
Africa: Manmade famines from Wars agst terror & pastoralists, & International greed for biofuel land 2511
Haiti: Post-quake, US "Rice Aid Contracts" further undermining local agriculture & food security 2879
India: Despite damning evidence, Kerala’s victims still awaiting otherwise global ban on Endosulfan 2719
South Africa: Women farmers, the worst affected by climate change, ignored by Govt Policy 1890
Haiti: Monsanto’s $4M 'donation' of hybrid corn & vegetable seeds risks death of native agriculture 2528
India: World Bank & Govt policies enrich agri-corporations at expense of food sovereignty & security 1715
US: Proposed Foreign Aid Bill, in the name of abating global hunger, mandates GM crop development 2107
Norway: True to prime goal of securing rural livelihoods, gives thumbs down to GM-agriculture 2104