World Social Forum Karachi 2006
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Post-Karachi: Provisional [mainly] positives from the Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières 2498
Post-Karachi: A place where collective happiness & frustrations gave birth to the "larger than life" 3019
Post-Karachi: Despite criticism, WSF the largest gathering believing "Another World is Possible" 2409
Post-Karachi: An unprecedented political space for progressive dissent in military-run Pakistan 2126
Post-Karachi: Positives and Negatives according to Tariq Ali 2657
Day 6: A luta continua [for global peace] 2273
Day 5: The vanquished US military still seeking control of Iraq's vast oil resources 2300
Day 5: Major chunk of development donations wasted on consultant fees, offices & luxury vehicles 2365
Day 5: One-third of the world's population lacks access to essential drugs 2564
Day 5: Rally protests against WB, IMF, occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan, & militarized Balochistan 2211
Day 5: Nirmala Deshpande, "WSF creates global movement for peace,democracy, human rights & justice" 2369
Day 3: No shortage of problems and debates which Africa & Asia can address with one voice 2271
Day 4: Indian children deliver love letter of peace for their Pakistani counterparts 2362
Day 3: World Dignity Forum raises isues of gender and class discrimination 2216
Day 4: International donor agencies accused of exploiting the downtrodden in under-developed regions 2427
Day 4: Democracy a la Europe &/or the US restricts equality, justice & development 2176
Day 4: Karachi's guests welcome freedom to raise their voices against "Establishments" 2429
Day 3: Pakistan to follow Brazil and India with regime change following a home WSF? 2348
Day 1: Bright opening, despite a some early hiccups 2240
Day 2: Kashmir and India-Pakistan relations featured in democracy discussions & demonstrations 2025
Day 1: Asma Jahangir and others challenge free market/globalization concepts 1565
Day 1: Delegates from 58 countries call for an end to imperialism, social injustice & discrimination 1575