Joseph Ratzinger: From Nazi youth to Panzer Cardinal to a treacherous Benedict XVI
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Benedict XVI: No tears for papal resignation after a career riddled with bigotry, blunders & failure 2949
Benedict XVI: Inexcusable, lamentable silencing of the US Leadership Conference of Women Religious 2679
Benedict XVI: Approves lumping women’s ordination in the same basket as clerical paedophilia 2653
Benedict XVI: Unable to tolerate secular societies, all set to create Office of the Catholic Taliban 2220
Benedict XVI: Anger reveals papal insecurity over Belgian judicial access to clerical abuse charges 2161
Benedict XVI: Taints Portugal visit with vicious slurs on Same-Sex Marriage 2303
Benedict XVI: Just a second-hand telegram to women religious leaders a few kms from his doorstep 2287
Benedict XVI: 5 years on, morally compromised, submerged in personal complicity with priestly filth 3214
Benedict XVI: Thumbs his nose at global outrage over clerical sexual, physical & emotional abuse 2186
Benedict XVI: Delighted by puppet Cardinal echoing his 'petty gossip insult' to the Church's abused 2159
Benedict XVI: Time to proclaim "Habemus Mama" and tear assunder the veils of secrecy 4284
Benedict XVI: Up to his neck in sex abuse scandals, & owing the Church’s victims his own resignation 2678
Benedict XVI: Cowardly overriding silences within Lenten Letter to Ireland win global white feather 3035
Benedict XVI: For Nazi Holocaust Victims to those of Priestly Paedophiles, myopically out of touch 3186
Benedict XVI: An apology overdue to the girls & women tortured in Ireland's Magdalene Laundries 5582
Benedict XVI: Hollow platitudes at Summit with Irish Bishops fail Church’s victims & the faithful 3435
Benedict XVI: In sync with age-old global criminal codes, preaches child sex abuse a heinous crime 3105
Benedict XVI: A self-serving pastoral letter to rub salt into wounds of his Church’s Irish victims 4793
Benedict XVI: Two inquisitions hoping to herd US nuns back into drab habits & convents 4409
Benedict XVI: Desperate for recruits, lays out welcome mat for misogynic &/or homophobic Anglicans 2920
Benedict XVI: Deflecting guilt for Black Collar sex crimes to 'other religions' and 'homosexuals' 2937
Benedict XVI: In his year for "sanctifying priests", still failing to depose Church's sex criminals 2028
Benedict XVI: Past & present gospel leave unfit to preach morality during planned visit to Britain 1861
Benedict XVI: A cheque to pay for Church’s abuse of Irish children? A snowball's chance in hell! 2175
Benedict XVI: Must beg forgiveness to save Church after report of horrific child abuse in Ireland 2483
Benedict XVI: Walking allover the world's poorest women with his lethal gospel on condoms 2126
Benedict XVI: Rather than a silly old man, a very nasty piece of work 1964
Benedict XVI: Sparks just outrage by welcoming anti-Semitic bigot back into his fold 2053
Benedict XVI: Credibility gone after dances with “no-gas-chamber” & “divine retribution” extremists 2125
Benedict XVI: Coded intolerance wilfully ignores value of gays to church’s chain of command 2233
Benedict XVI: Marring the spirit of Christmas with his vitriolic obsession with homosexuality 2622
Benedict XVI: OK for vicious & unreliable personality assumptions to screen priesthood candidates 2418
Benedict XVI: Kitsch WYD souvenirs to reimburse church only while costing Australian taxpayers $160M 2639