WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny June - August 2005
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Kalpana Sharma joining dots with Iraq's Haifaa Zangana on women's universal right to walk safely .. 1791
Pakistan: Burnt alive within the law 1869
UK: The "appalling" Truth About Rape 2024
China: One Child myopia bites back 1745
India: Lopsided laws let flesh traffickers off the hook 1959
Margaret Owen's response to the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq 1672
India: Andhra women sex workers placed at risk of HIV/AIDS by truckers 5241
India: Andhra's Child brides fight back 1975
India: Population control misogyny via "New Maternity Scheme" 1840
UK: Real life survey makes a mockery of TV's "Desperate Housewives" 1900
Pakistan: Female rights activist & daughter murdered 1731
India: Repeating the Shah Bano atrocity of 1985 twenty years down the track 1515
Okinawa, Japan: Anger as US airman faces child sex charges 2048
VAW In The Military 1846
Naomi Klein and Aaron Maté: Censoring the Dead 1828
Uttar Pradesh, India: More Imranas cry for justice 1783
India: The unnameable miseries of child brides 1883
Rural Andhra Pradesh: Girl dropouts destined to become child brides 1875
UK: Man bashes two women in front of 6 year old son 1837
Need to reform Muslim personal law 1622
India: Nikahnama fails to go far enough to deliver on women's rights 1236
Victims of violence (or burnt alive!) 1519
Prosperity is a family affair 1331
India: Shoddy police work largely accounts for appalling rape conviction rate 1497
Kerala, India: Low conviction rate for rape of any shade - custodial, gang, minor, elder, etc. etc 2322
Madhya Pradesh, India: Girl infant abducted, battered, raped & abandoned 1330
Palestine: Murder of women in the name of honour on the rise 1512
Pakistan: 10-year-old girl gagged, beaten & raped 1907
Bhopal: IAS officer, Dr Rosy Singh, charged with physical abuse of wife 2089
Pre-natal sex determination likely escaping conviction in Andhra Pradesh 1236
UK: Mother wrongly convicted on the basis of male paediatrician's distorted statistics 1302
Pakistan: In the name of "honour", man torches wife & daughter to death 1246
India: Girls from Latur trafficked to Delhi 1321
Africa: Fatal male sexual culture behind HIV/AIDS epidemic killing millions 1271
South Africa: Murderous male cannibal chokes to death on wife's flesh 1611
Pakistan: Post-Mukhtaran Mai atrocity, 20 yr old woman violated in the name of "honour" 1373
India: Muslim clerics' order that woman marry her rapist provokes outrage 1272
China: Historian discovers 149 "comfort houses" which served Japanese WW II military 1427
Wales: Convictions the key to halting men's domestic violence against women 1601
France: Medics in the dock for series of botched cosmetic surgeries 1352