WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny June - September 2005
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Karzai toes Blair/Bush Jnr opium line 1709
Bush Jnr's Ambassador repeats his Afghan puppetry in Iraq 2078
Indonesia's Baby Machines for Malaysia's Adoption Syndicates 2150
Australia: In most populous State, Government dumbs down the women's debate 1856
Australia: Abortion rights up for grabs in Government deals 1979
India: A toothless crackdown on sex determination tests 2133
Misogyny a la Pakistan's Musharraf: "Rape ... a ticket to settling abroad" 1860
Lee Rhiannon (The Greens, NSW): Women remain victims of sexual assault laws 1744
On India's "rape pandemic": A national disgrace 7319
India: "Eve Teasing" the ultimate trivialization of male aggression against girls & women 2208
Scotland: Rape by "boy in blue" 2018
Gulf Nations: Game over for sham grooms dumping Hyderabadi girls? 2132
Kalpana Sharma re one brave woman's resistance to child marriage 1673
2005: Still "Demeaned" on the tennis court 1767
Florence A. Ruderman: Women most directly and immediately affected by "Pharmacists for Life" 1625
2005: Millions of women & children end up as sex slaves, beggars & forced labourers 1644
Anne Summers: Sexist slur again passes undenounced in Australia 1876
India: On the toothless Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929 2643
Hyderabad, India: Muslim girls fall victim to doddering sheikhs from the Gulf 3713
Nigeria: The scourge of HIV/AIDS for women and girls 1840
Iraq: Bush Jnr and Coalition of the Shrinking create new assaults on women's freedom 1216
The plight of India's girl child: Sold at birth 1466
Iraq: Foreign military aggression destroys women's rights 1364
Yemen: Poverty, child marriage, son preference drive female illiteracy 1436
UK: Rape gang on the loose 1333
Post US-led invasion: Civil Law OUT, Islamic Sharia IN 1381
India: Population Control Misogyny 1578
From OWFI: Condemn a Constitution of de-humanizing Women 1260
Afghanistan: UN expert says "Violence against women remains dramatic" 1271
India: Andhra child brides destined for future as juvenile divorcees 1362
Pakistan: Two women and their mother stripped 1447
India: Rajasthan rights groups go to court over book on sati 1414
Wanted: women to test sex machine 3912
UK: Serial rapist who preyed on lone women gets 10 life sentences 1414
Pakistan: Man shoots dead his sister in name of "honour" 1315
Pakistan: Woman burnt alive by in-laws 1452
Iran: Women defy establishment to demand gender equality 1514
Canadians terrorized by serial killer 1149
Pakistan: Mukhtaran Mai's plight 1280
Patriarchy's "rubbish" blurb on female orgasms - a boon for BigPharma! 1667
Nigeria: Two-thirds of women subjected to domestic violence & sexual assault 1652
Kalpana Sharma: The feminized face of HIV/AIDS 1174
Bahrain: Trial of Ghada Jamshir, women's rights activist, opens 1427
The gender gap persists globally 1325
Pakistan: Oxfam joins the struggle against murder in the name of honour 1398
UK: By any name, female genital mutilation a violent crime 1576
Andhra Pradesh: Forum urges safety and security of the girl child 1430
Palestine: A wave of femicide in the name of honour in 2005 1553
India: Another woman torched to death 1282