WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny June - December 2005
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Pakistan: Father slaughters 4 daughters in the name of "honour" 2121
Sharia judge blames Aceh women for the 2004 tsunami 2413
Medha Patkar re Kerala's ice-cream parlour sex scandal 3191
India: Refusing to live in a world where rapists can get away with it 1844
Women of Balakot left for dead after October 8 quake? 5014
Morocco: The abuses of little girls working as housemaids away from their parents & law enforcement 1906
UK: Jury at York Crown Court lets sleep-walking rapist off the hook 1903
India/Pakistan: Unabated dowry atrocities 2400
The Plight of Women Post the Pakistan-India October Earth Quake 2505
Kalpana Sharma: Violence against women ..... 1793
Britain's domestic killing fields: Men whose way of life is "serial violence" against women 7169
Scotland: A paradise for men who rape 2495
Afghanistan: The suffering of women and girl weavers continues ..... 1674
Feminized Poverty: Millions of women condemned to live in abject poverty: 2832
Turkey: 62 per cent of women face domestic physical, psychological, oral, economic &/or sexual abuse 1846
Pakistan: Feudal traditions see five women face abduction, rape, murder 1932
Smita Jain: An attitudinal change amongst men is urgent, and necessary ..... 1989
Pakistan: Yet another promise to amend Hudood laws ... 1873
BLiar too busy playing Bush Jnr's poodle to defend UK women against violence 1812
Australia: Howard Government's lip service to protecting women against domestic violence 1841
Britain: "anti-female prejudice .. permeates the whole Army" 1543
UK: Feminized poverty too "unsexy" 1469
Lucknow, India: Dalit woman fatally torched for political aspirations 1395
China: The misogyny of the flawed "one child policy" laid bare 2468
India: Call for an end to the 'social Darwinism' which discriminates against females 1441
Tirupur: Crimes against women rising 1454
South Africa: A sexual lottery of death 1654
Bush Jnr fails women the world over 1356
Britain: Blair Government sits back while hundreds of women exploited and abused as sex slaves 1514
India: Gender differentials contribute to the epidemic of incest 2685
AIDWA forces Union appeal against Delhi HC imprimatur on child marriage 1568
Afghanistan: Safia Siddiqi taking the boldness of the landays into politics and poetry 2504
India: Child marriage "approved" by Delhi High Court 2041
Pakistan: Rape victims subjected to an onslaught of suspicion and malice ... 2478
Domestic violence in Saudia Arabia: Rania al-Baz's courageous & continuing story 2388
Lucinda Marshall: Time to ask hard questions of the benefits of early and more frequent mammograms 1410
New Iraqi constitution ignites outrage among women's groups 1337
India: 16 year-old sold & trafficked for Rs 50,000 1577
Pakistan: Denying women political office, voting rights 1601
A woman fights back (Mukhtar Mai and more ......) 1566
Iraq: Women & children are 55 per cent of 128,000 civilian casualties 1417
Salman Rushdie on the sub-continent's "Culture of Rape" 1249
East Congo: Rwandan Hutu rebels accused of burning women and children alive 1668
Raped to create an heir in Rajasthan 1496
Burnt alive in Pakistan 1436
Iraqi women seek protection of rights 1582
Not quite human 1412
Women in Darfur camps still prey to rape 1314
The high social cost 1379
Pakistan: Gang rapes — tribal justice or live porn? 4198