WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny January - March 2006
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Mary Riddell: IWD 2006 a day of judgement for Blair and fellow fascists Bush Jnr & John Howard 2115
Move over Germany's Soccer Cup brothels: First come Melbourne's shameful C'wealth Games Strip Clubs 2958
Globally "gone missing": Son preference in every corner of the globe 2486
Female infanticide: The most brutal and destructive crime against women 3459
India: Emergence of two-child norm encourages female infanticide 7488
India: Cardinal Female Crimes: To be born, and then to become a lawyer 1907
Pakistan: A luta continua "against state repression and gender inequality" 1990
Palestine: Women to fight for "rights" under Hamas 1979
Syria: Clerics label women seeking social justice "prostitute, athiest & infidel" 2173
Hyderabad, India: Muslim women's conferences emphasise rights to education and employment, and ..... 3278
Haryana, India: The rape of school girls, and societal attitudes which grant impunity to rapists 2604
Obstetric fistulae: Suffering and stigma set to prevail in the absence of political action 2496
Hyderabad, India: A newborn girl infant for dog meat 2349
Jagori, New Delhi: Whose responsibilty to halt VAW in public space? 2063
Kalpana Sharma: A message for Gujarat's Chief Minister, the crude murderous bigot Narendra Modi ... 2003
Iraq: Poverty has exploded across the country in the aftermath of the 2003 US invasion 2009
The Congo: Women forced out of agriculture to "grind for gold" 1970
Marjorie Cohn: Deaths of US women soldiers, dehydrating to avoid rape by their own, whitewashed 2094
Germany: The prostitution of women at the World Soccer Cup 2006 2613
UK to India to abort female pregnancies for £13 1847
October Pakistan-India quake: ADB & WB shape reconstruction in the absence of gender awareness .... 2491
UK: Paying for sex loses its stigma, while prostitutes are murdered, beaten and raped 1836
Czech Republic: Roma women coerced into sterilisation even after law changes of 1991 1499
Afghanistan: Women weavers, money-minting machines keeping themselves alive with opium 1944
Pakistan: Seeking divorce costs Amina Bibi her nose and lips 1499
India: Supreme Court sends overdue wakeup call to States re sexual harassment cases 1567
Chechnya: Acting PM, Ramzan Kadyrov, calls for men as stallions, women as brood mares 1537
Pakistan: Musharraf fails to lift a finger to halt violence against either minorities, or women 1370
Sindh, Pakistan: Hindu girls abducted into Islam and Muslim marriage 4537
Pakistan: Three more women, & one man, murdered in the name of honour 1566
India: Sex-selective abortion ads - "Spend Rs 500, save Rs 500,000" 2633
Pakistan: Sex-selective abortion editorial - "Shocking beyond belief" 2967
Tamil Nadu: Female foeticide originated and remains rampant in educated sections 1732
India: Females aborted by the millions 1538
Japan: US sailor from Yokosuka navalbase admits murder of local woman 1959
Pakistan: Euphemistically termed 'honour killings' continue to increase 1758
Pakistan: Hudood Ordinance punishes rape victims by treating the crime as adultery 2241
Wales: Kidnap and rape, possibly gang rape, of a three year old girl 1814
India: Teenaged girls from Tamil Nadu village lured into torture and slave labour 2523
Britain: 30 years post the Equal Pay Act and the Sex Discrimination Act .... 2286