WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny March - June 2006
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Kurdistan: Abused women facing grim future 2335
Post Kuwait Election: Both women & men have to speak up for women's rights 2069
India: 3,500,000 females aborted annually, but 22 of 35 States disinterested in PNDT Act violations 2140
Kuwait: Despite violent threats, 32 women set to make history at June 29 elections 1878
Iraq: Under US-Anglo Occupation, the abuse, rape & torture of women detainees 2571
UK: Law changes fail to stop use of "rhetorical devices" to get rapists off the hook 1951
Germany: Heartlessly home to 10,000 trafficked women annually 2121
India: Crackdown on pre-natal sex screening violations grows some teeth 1962
Scotland: Victim’s Support Groups welcome 50 recommendations to stem appalling rape conviction rate 2860
Albania: Male violence, guns, police apathy, & resurgence of ancient "customary" Kanun Law 2186
Afghanistan: Maternal death the “Will of God”, a dead infant then test "God's Will" again 2523
Britain: Rape widespread, under-reported, & under-punished 2155
Pakistan: Women see red over World Bank Report: 3525
Bush Jnr's Iraq: Women's secular freedoms, once the envy across the Middle East, dead & buried 1935
Jordan: Young and old, male and female, OK with men's domestic violence 1910
Iraq: Bush Jnr's invasion brings terror, unknown under Saddam, to women 1926
Pakistan: The male/patriarchal faces of VAW from womb to tomb 2437
Africa: The more brutal the genital mutilation, the worse the obstetric complication 9212
Pakistan: Post-Musharraf pfaffing, left to TV channel to bring Hudood misogyny back into view 2207
Pakistan: President/General Musharraf sits on his hands, polishes Bush Jnr's boots shiny while 2596
Afghanistan: Women absent from Karzai's new cabinet 1633
UK: Women seeking military careers risk both health & happiness 1718
Pentagon: Releasing human Dobermans in battle, falling way short on military's domestic violence 1558
UK: Asylum process's cold shoulder to women fleeing rape, honour crime, female circumcision .. 1677
Texas: Update on pro-life senator Steve Ogden’s trampling on health of State’s poorest women 1639
India: Govt to shut the stable door after "Female foeticide" has bolted 2079
India: Dr Mira Shiva-led health activists protest govt apathy to pre-natal sex determination misuse 1618
Haifa Zangana: In Bush Jnr, Blair's acclaimed "new Iraq", truth brings women arrest & death 1532
Natasha Walter on Zeina's filming of Bush Jnr's nightmare inflicted on Iraqi women 1713
Pakistan: Rape and murder of 6 year-old girl shames the nation 1562
Mexico: Juarez-like rape & murder of young women continues unabated in six further cities 3196
Iraq: Bush Jnr's Gulf War II sees more than 2,000 girls/women end up as sex slaves 2108
India: One female foeticide "conviction/swallow" in Lucknow fails to indicate a "summer" 1528
Algeria: After lethal civil war, women take up challenge for truth, justice, & urgent social reform 1456
Guatemala: Hymen reconstruction linked to infection, haemorrhage, incontinence, fistulas, and more 4227
Kalpana Sharma: Long-term impact of Sunil More conviction on rape cases in general debatable 2245
Syria: One in 4 wives beaten, but not domestic violence? 1618
India: If not by foeticide or infanticide, then there's abandonment or dustbins for female infants 1415
Lucinda Marshall: Personal violence no less terrifying than political violence 1443
Australia: Ongoing slew of judicial insults for women in rape trials 1733
UK: Penny-pinching Ministry of Defence set to disinherit bereaved women 1506
India: Female foeticide increases risk of girls & women to trafficking, abuse & murder 1402
Florida, USA: 38 yr old mother, locked in gas station, doused with fuel and torched by boyfriend 1656
Kalpana Sharma: Celebrating alternative spaces where women can safely expose male violence 1661
Afghanistan: Media outrage over religious persecution reveals unstated contempt for women 1698
India: First medical misogynist, a tiny tip of the foeticide iceberg, belatedly behind bars 1371
France: Fatal torching of teenage girl symptom of violence against young women in poor districts 1492
UK: Media responses to the Fawcett Commission on Women & the Criminal Justice System 1714
UK: As rape convictions fall to a disgraceful 5.3%, FC calls for an end to legal injustice & VAW 1442
Haryana, India: Epidemic of schoolgirl sexual abuse by teachers 1845