WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny June - July 2006
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UK: Howard League for Penal Reform urges Blair Govt to close women's prisons 2837
Austin & Oklahoma City: Immigrant women forced into prostitution 2523
Pakistan: Murder of handicraft teachers deters Kohat women from incoming-generating classes 4366
G-8 St. Petersburg: Bush Jnr's Groper-gate 3187
Iraq: Bush Jnr's wave of sexual terrorism unleashed on women in the name of democracy 2974
Saudi Arabia: Women launch petition calling on world leaders to stop the war on Lebanon 2478
Pakistan: Musharraf's Hudood ordinance reform leaves women without bail & still behind bars 2642
Timor: UN peacekeepers father & abandon infants of poverty-stricken women 2548
Afghanistan: Women & Girls at risk from Karzai cabinet-approved return of Vice & Virtue Department 2504
Abir Al-Janabi: A murdered child, tragically symbolic of Bush Jnr's military rape of her nation 4289
Iraq: Women's rights take back seat with government 2398
FGM: The WHO classification fails to relate the defined forms to the severity of operation 3303
UK: Govt idles on report of women's rape, sexual assault & harassment in NHS mental health units 2061
UK: Govt policies failing to reduce poverty, challenge sexism, & tackle concentrations of power 2736
Scotland: 2 decades after Equal Pay & SD Acts men still dominate university professors/sen.lecturers 2306
UN Secretary-General: Time to dispense with the smoke and mirrors and appoint a woman 2184
UK: Women's prisons organised around the needs of men 2742
Afghanistan: Child marriage delivers girls from hunger, temporarily wards off famine for her family 19558
Election of Katharine J. Schori by US Anglican bishops inspires Catholic women aspiring priesthood 3498
Lucinda Marshall: The Rape of Iraq 2339
Afghanistan: Lifting the Veil - No End to Women's Suffering? 4868
Pakistan: Midwifery Conference on country's abysmal Maternal Mortality Rate 1790
Pakistan: Disgraceful maternity mortality rate reflects appalling status of country's women 1634
Iran: Shirin Ebadi, "In no democratic country, are women looked at as a lesser being" 1553
Kuwait: No parliamentary seats, but women see election experience as victory 1518
US Military Atrocity in Iraq: The gang rape, murder and torching of a female child 8240
World Soccer Cup 2006: Germany's brothels a haven for the comodification of women 1999
Male sexual barbarism against women within the US Military 2321
Responses to India's "missing females": Wives for rent, daughters for sale 2047
Pakistan: Shaming Musharraf, TV Channel raises Hudood issue but not a women’s voice to be heard 2586