Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest April - July 2005
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Those Oxymoronic Pro-Life Republicans 1971
BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY:A clean-up not so clean 2469
Blowing the whistle the pro-victim way 1744
Tibetan nun's tale of torture reveals Chinese brutality 2383
This is how fascism comes 1740
India: Cabinet approves bill to protect women from domestic violence 1767
Arms trade 'undermines efforts to relieve debt' 1809
Iranian election more democratic than U.S. election: Australian expert 1579
Mukhtaran Mai: Not just another rape victim 2020
Iraq: Unending health disaster 1697
An alphabet of sorts for our time 1803
Afghanistan's slow progress 1871
Riots a setback for women's political progress in Afghanistan 1685
Privatization hangs over G8 debt relief 1775
Iranian women defy police whips to demonstrate against 'dictatorship' 1632
Florence Aubenas Freed 1744
Resource: Gender and HIV/AIDS Electronic Library UNIFEM Gender and HIV/AIDS 1663
Media Exclusion of Women as Sources Impedes Meaningful Reform 1765
Middle East: Laura Bush on goodwill tour, but of any use to Muslim women? 2284
UK: Research fraternity claim genes determine woman's "orgasm ability" 1710
Egyptian women's groups outraged by attacks against women on Referendum day 1845
Australia: Edith Pringle challenges the male-only Freemasons 2005
Papiere Bitte 1202
Breast Cancer Stamps and the Merchandising of Women's Health 1344
Women's pirate radio - underside of history 1691
Afghan encounter 1264
Afghan women 'still suffer abuse' 1468
The Other Half:Absurd Tales 1386
Chris Floyd: Iraq invasion an indelible and "supreme international crime" 1493
The rights and wrongs of the courtroom 1307
Dr V.Rukmini Rao: India's Adoption Market al la Frontline 2235
Crisis Group Condemns Attack on Asma Jahangir 1326
Races turn into fight for Pakistani women's rights 1241
Bending the rules 1327
Andhra Pradesh, India: The ongoing battle against infant trafficking 1923
India: The multi-billion dollar infant trafficking market in the name of adoption 2447
Was Newsweek wrong? 1487
Voting rights for Kuwaiti women 1265
The Death of a Muslim Woman 1173
Honor killings in Jordan 1384
Dear President Bush 1489
Britain: Forgeting crimes of imperial past & now romanticising colonial achievements 2036
An ethical blank cheque 1371
Iraq: Soaring birth deformities & child cancer rates linked to US-enforced sanctions & DU-missiles 1485
Women Joining Hands Worldwide 1562
WiB:Colombia:solidarity with indigenous peoples in Cauca 1224
India: 838 girls: 1000 boys gives Ranigunj area lowest sex ratio in Andhra 1754
Norway: Imported Thai wives forced into prostitution and divorce 2604