Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest July - September 2005
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Naomi Klein: "Here's a better idea" for victims of Hurricane Katrina 3680
UNDP: Human Development Report 2005 2771
Maureen Dowd's "Have a nice September 7" to Bush Jnr [and to a few of his fascist cronies] 2318
Filmmakers Against War: New - The Unwelcome Visitor 3318
Hurricane Katrina: The worst address ever to emerge from US presidential lips 1909
Michelle J. d'Entremont 2LT, US Army Reserves Engineer Corps: Open Letter to Bush Jnr 2510
Mother Nature's hurricane Katrina strips Bush Jnr naked before a world audience 1973
Hurricane Katrina: Bush Jnr's shameful [war-mongering] history of neglect 2207
Arianna Huffington on Clinton's defence of Bush Jnr's "indefensible" 2166
Marjorie Cohn: Castro's hurricane management lessons for Bush Jnr 1936
Lucinda Marshall: Rejecting the neo-con orchestrated patriotism 1985
On Bush Jnr's watch: Drowning New Orleans 2221
Unembedded Journalism: Aug-Sept 2005 reports from Robert Fisk in Iraq 2234
Further lost faith in Bush Jnr's occupied Iraq 2017
US: Cindy's "truth" versus Bush Jnr's "rhubarb" 2186
Book Review: From Population Control to Reproductive Health: Malthusian Arithmetic by Mohan Rao 2657
White House 2005: More war the only way for Bush Jnr's Faction to maintain power 2053
Janis Karpinski: Exclusive Interview By Marjorie Cohn 1894
Camp Casey: Joan Baez offers ode to war dead 3092
Camp Casey Update: August 21 2005 2274
Deja vu: Continuing on with the 20th century's litany of infamy and shame ... 1703
Big Pharma's African "Guinea Pigs" 2309
More on the cycling Bush Jnr and his regime's cannon fodder 1548
Bush Jnr: Biking Toward Nowhere/Peddling Neo-Fascism in the world's face 1667
Lucinda Marshall: Reclaiming Medusa 1901
Outlook India: Interview with Arundhati Roy 2706
Camp Casey Day 3: Per Cindy Sheehan and the New York Times 1639
August 6 2005: Promises of "Never Again" in tatters 1383
US Study: Breast cancer screening does not save lives 1572
Mary Riddell's dose of sanity for BLiar, Bush Jnr, and Wee Johnny Howard 1799
Lucinda Marshall: Pornography: Objectification or Free Speech? 2317
New Iraqi constitution rejected by Women's Freedom in Iraq Movement 1617
On Bush Jnr's 'preciation' of Australia's John Howard [read *#1 poodle*] 1550
Iraq: Seymour Hersh on Bush Jnr's fascism in the name of democracy 1543
Jayati Ghosh on the G8 obscenity 1554
Third Millennium Fascism: La Lucha Continua! 1534
Chris Floyd on "two-sided senseless murder and mass slaughter to advance degraded ambitions" 1463
Lucinda Marshall: The Dead Children's Society 1774
LIVE 8: Tone-deaf .... 1305
Iraq: Civilian casualties a la puppet Interior Ministry 2021
Bush Jnr's US of A: A nation gone wretchedly astray 1524
Sheila Samples on Bush Jnr 1671
When the London smoke clears .... another chapter of Infinite Injustice? 1809
Africa: New best friends US & UK place TNCs in charge of poverty relief! 1619
Iraq: Post-Saddam, new Govt still splashes country's money with impunity, oil still to California 1518
G8 SUMMIT: Behind This New Interest in Africa 1461
India: Looming Ganges Water Crisis a threat to daily lives 2849
G8: The long walk to justice doesn't end at Gleneagles 1571
G8: Time to cease humiliating Africa all over again and ask instead 1530