Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest September - November 2005
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Doris Colmes: US replay of emotions left over from 1938 Nazi Germany 1563
Bush Jnr: Quotes from the US president's fascist dialect in October of 2005 1484
Iraq: Almost two decades of systematic genocide ...... 1635
Slain and maimed for fascist liars, finally and forever with their pants on fire 1517
Vandana Shiva's call for an "insurrection of subjugated knowledge" is well under way 2787
Report of Bush Jnr/Tony Blair conversation which would have done WW II Fascists proud 1562
Janis Karpinski: Bush Jnr to blame for Abu Ghraib 1902
Asma Jahangir's new role: UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion and Belief 1844
Haifa Zangana: The US barbarisms which fuel a just and growing resistance in Iraq 1402
An 11th Commandment for Bush Jnr, BLiar, and John Howard's Cannon Fodder at play in Iraq: 1420
Stop violations of the right to health care in Iraq 3750
US denials of Shake'n'bake missiles in Iraq: Liars, liars! Fascist pants on fire! 1666
October 8 Killer Quake: Many more will die as the winter descends ..... 1556
Lucinda Marshall: Geena for the White House 2008 1444
RAWA's response to Diane Tebelius' myopic "The Afghanistan Miracle" 1945
Natasha Cica on the Howard Government's copy catting of Bush Jnr's fascism 2309
Melbourne, November 28: Peace Activist Reta Kaur on Trial - War Criminals Free 1782
Bush Jnr and fellow White House Fascists bring the US military to its knees 1322
Credibility of the IMF in tatters 1517
DC Confidential: A shameful dose of gutter-mouthed spewage to add to 2156
Glamour magazine's 2005 Woman of the Year: Mukhtaran Bibi 1273
Afghanistan: Sgrena in Kabul for first fully representational elections 1196
Another tragic window into the plight of India's farmers ... 1296
India: More than 1,000 children exported annually for inter-country adoptions, and yet ....... 1185
A compilation of DifferenTakes: Bringing health, safety & social justice to the forefront 1148
Cindy Sheehan via Village Voice .... 1345
Hyderabad, India: Slap in the face for infant trafficking adoption agencies 2632
Feminist word power from Pakistani writers 2421
Bush Jnr's whoppers exposed 1094
Maureen Dowd on Bush Jnr's "adoring work wives" 1437
Lucinda Marshall: "Pvt. England pointing at a prisoner's genitalia considered morally reprehensible 1270
Hope springs eternal that the below byline "Good-bye Bush era" proves true, 1387
2005 Right Livelihood Award to Irene Fernandez 2300
Like an obediedent poodle, Blair drops Gleneagles Climate Change Agreement to toe Bush Jnr's line 1122
Cindy Sheehan's message to Bush Jnr's criminal and criminally negligent administration 1150
Information Clearing House: A crucial question re Bush Jnr and Poodles' "War on Terror" 1126
Naomi Klein: "Nothing energises the neocon true believers like a good disaster" 1228
Sharon Olds: No Place for a Poet at a Banquet of Shame 1191
Cindy Sheehan still gathering momentum: Headed for Riverside Church NYC 1216
Afghan Women's Mission: US-orchestrated elections make a mockery of "Democracy" 1375
Meera Censor: Sculptor of humanitarians 1383
Hurricane Katrina: Addressing the Human Rights of Women in Times of Crisis 1397
Maureen Dowd: Bush Jnr doomed by his own incompetance and arrogance 1250
West Virginia: Two Republican mayors denounce invasion of Iraq 1355
H-O-P-E: A feminist strategy from Gloria Steinem 1153
Hurricane Katrina: Another of Bush Jnr's G-O-D-L-E-S-S wars 1052
First Afghanistan. Then Iraq. Now Bush Jnr set to turn Louisiana into a toxic dump 1111
Mary Riddell on "S11 & Hurricane Katrina": Unmerited public trust in a myopic political trinity 1355
art can change the world: FemAid Photograph Exhibit in Toronto, September 2005 1972