Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest February - March 2006
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Marjorie Cohn: Mass protest not seen since the 1960s heralds New US Civil Rights Movement 1794
Sheila Samples: Basic homework unmasks the true 9/11 terrorists 2173
Washington DC: Vindication before the law of non-complicity with US fascism 1694
Bush Jnr's rightful place: In the dock alongside Saddam Hussein 1672
Australia: The "coming out" of PM John Howard & Attorney-General Philip Ruddock 2234
New Zealand PM, Helen Clark: Unlike UK Labour counterpart Blair, a huge success 1930
Missile Lunacy: Barbaric, immoral, self-defeating war crimes, but "Don't do body counts"! 1998
Book Review: "Among the Dead Cities" by AC Grayling 2151
As humanity has neared the edge of moral suicide, Iraq's hopes lie with the nation's youth 1755
Chris Floyd on the rivers of Iraqi blood which stain Bush Jnr's hands 2087
Bush Jnr's Baghdad: A death hole for Iraq's professionals 2473
Australia: PM Howard suffering from Pinocchio syndrome or Ronald Reagan disease? 2398
Following The Economist & The Independent, The Guardian calls for Tony Blair's exit 1702
Anwaar Hussain: As we brace ourselves from more nuclear hypocrisy from the mightiest of the nations 1921
Orville Schell | Baghdad: The Besieged Press 1825
Australia: Condoleezza Rice's "rhubarb" as dissent is stifled 1814
Iraq: A Holocaust for the nation's children 1771
Yale: Spitting in the face of every Afghan woman ever persecuted by the Taliban 1620
Bush Jnr in India: Passionate about democracy with one lie after another 1823
IRAQ: A US-orchestrated farce, practically training soldiers for a sectarian civil war 1854
Australia: Dr Sandra Eades named NSW Woman of the Year 2451
DEMOCRACY NOW! Arundhati Roy on Baby Bush making a jackass of himself in India 1740
Sheila Samples: Paydirt on "one of the worst days" in the life of Cheney 1635
Haifa Zangana: Thanks Bush Jnr & fellow fascists for the assassination of my country's intellectuals 2015
Hyderabad, India: Verses of the Holy Quran to push back the Satanic Bush Jnr 1850
Arundhati Roy: Bush Jnr set to pour blood on the memory of Gandhi 1546
Bush Jnr: The track dodo: Can't bat. Can't bowl. Can't ride a bike! 1346
Iraq: Bush Jnr's "Coalition of the Two-faced" paved the way for Shock and Awe invasion 1470
India: Govt sells out the nation and neighbours to jump into bed with Emperor Bush 1373
Walden Bello: Only one thing to do with "Humanitarian intervention" a la Bush Jnr: DUMP IT! 1672
India: Report from 2005 National Bioethics Conference 1800
Anwaar Hussain: Women & children account for 3 out of 4 fatalities from 250 post-WWII militarisms 1613
Cheney: Peppering Harry Whittington with buckshot absurdly one of the worst days of his life 1525
Abu Ghraib II: Bush Jnr Administration's lost battle for images [and hearts and minds] 1473
Heather Wokusch: The irony of Bush Jnr and neo-cons proposing a nuclear attack on Iran 1594
Coretta Scott King: Priceless face to the faceless, voice to the voiceless and 1355
Guantanamo: Like Bush Jnr and fellow fascists, BLiar blind to the brutal torture 1282
Noam Chomsky's Amnesty International Annual Lecture Hosted by Trinity College: 'War on Terror' 1346
Bush Jnr: Transforming existent choice of pre-emptive military strikes into a national doctrine 1541
Brutalising Iraqis, or British military barbarism matching that of Bush Jnr's armed forces 1393
Iran: Bush Jnr's $75m Nazi tactics to "win hearts and minds" 1337
Iraq: British, as too US, brutal, inhumane and tyrannical tactics creating insurgents 1493
Post-Kofi: Hunt on for a US puppet to head the UN 1493
Post Gulf War II: Bush Jnr prepares for a shameful Holocaust in Iran 1659
Gulf War I: Bush Snr's shameful Holocaust in Iraq 1693
Book Review: "Speaking of Empire and Resistance: Conversations with Tariq Ali" 1392
Canada: Sarnia-Lambton Chemical Valley a killing field for the Chippewas of Aamjiwnaang 5592
John Pilger: Urgent action needed to stop an insane Blair again colluding with the fascist Bush Jnr 1459