Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest April - May 2006
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Dahr Jamail: Immoral, soulless, repugnant occupation destroying future of Iraq's Children 2272
Anwaar Hussain: Scream for what is being done even now in Iraq in your name .... 2393
US: Move over Seasonale, here comes Lybrel to further interfere with women's hormonal integrity 2442
India: Recent victories of Bhopal & NBA activists partial & fragile ... but eternally precious 2249
India: Victims of state asserting their fundamental right to life and liberty 2131
NewYork-based Campaign for a Progressive & Non-militaristic U.S. foreign policy 2444
Bush Jnr's Iraq: Added to massive civilian bloodshed, comes horrendous cannon fodder injury 2503
Boys & their War Games: Blair's hypothetical "pretty please" to Bush Jnr 2302
Malalai Joya: Unsilenced & unafraid of threats from criminal Afghan lawmakers 1978
Ségolène Royal: The first truly présidentiable woman in French history 2883
Shirin Ebadi warns Bush Jnr of his military lunacy re Iran 2447
Mother's Day 2006, Washington DC: Code Pink rally confronts Bush Jnr & his Australian poodle 1880
Mother's Day 2006, Washington DC: Susan Sarandon stands alongside Code Pink 2165
The Bush Jnr Presidential Library: "Bare shelves" or "Indelible stains on the White House" 2174
Medha: Centre making a mockery of its role to rehabilitate Sardar Sarover project-affected 2189
Vandana Shiva: Farmer genocide due to deliberate policy imposed by WTO & implemented by Government 2648
Moroccan women: US policy in Iraq "helping fundamentalists, leaving voice of modernity unheard" 2145
US: Germany's Angela Merkel exposes the military lunacy of Bush Jnr & his poodles Blair & Howard 2055
Mothers Day 2006: New York Grannies victorious against the State & cooking up more .... 2172
Germany: World Soccer Cup poster at Cologne brothel vilifies women from 32 nations 2736
Sth Asian 2005 Mega-quake: Mainly women & child victims, but still scale of need remains enormous 2062
India: Sardar Sarovar Project leaves tens of thousands with choice of two evils 1685
Afghanistan: Sonali Kolhatkar's wake-up call to Canadians re Military Myopia 1693
Australia: Electorate finally wakening up to PM Howard's Pinocchio/Ronald Reagan syndromes 1664
Chris Floyd on Bush Jnr's "Go" and in 12 hours' time, up to 1 million Iranians will be dead 1652
India: Medha broke fast for struggle of development rights without getting destroyed in the process 1559
Australian Prime Minister's Pinocchio syndrome/Ronald Reagan disease aired in international circles 1579
Iraq: Bush Jnr's double invasion - First the missiles, then the US Treasury 1473
Tibet: Giant quake-resistant Mao statue to rub salt into the wounds left by China's 1951 annexation 1554
India: Group of Union Ministers' leaked Report verifies NBA complaints 1720
India: Gujarat's bigoted Chief Minister Narendra Modi on a farcical fast for INJUSTICE 1597
India: Ignoring the protests from the Narmada a death knell for last straw of democratic ethos 1661
India: The Narmada has fallen victim to fools 2876
India: UN joins Medha and NBA for public release of Union Report 1673
Ellen Goodman: As Bush Jnr dragged kicking & screaming to admit leak, beware the macho calls 1522
India: As Bhopal hunger strike becomes global, PM to meet survivors April 14 1593
India: Defying illegal arrest, Medha & NBA co-activists to continue for Sardar Sarovar justice 1672
India: Rather than temples, dams have become burial grounds for the nation's Indigenous 1959
India: The record of displacement speaks the truth of the Narmada's dispensable citizens 1659
From DifferenTakes: A New Poster on Prisons and Reproductive Rights 1766
France: Ségolène Royal currently an unbeatable presidential candidate 2741
World Bank & IMF assisting with corporate hijacking of global water resources 1810
India: More than 2 decades post-Bhopal, Govt still selling Union Carbide's victims way short 1785
India: Medha's fast for justice vs Govts continued pursuit of doomed-to-fail mega dams 1599
US-imposed democracies befit Stalinist Russia 1656
CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, McDonald's and Kellogg's Coco Pops' "nutrition confusion" 3023
India: Govt red-faced as Medha Patkar's health deteriorates, & the nation applauds her courage 2860
India: As Medha Patkar undertakes an indefinite fast, Narmada Bachao Andolan support widens 2005
Arundhati Roy in solidarity with the Narmada Bachao Andolan: Govt tactics sending dangerous message 3505
UK: Connecting the dots of gender disparities at birth to the pollution killing fields in Canada 2882