Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest May - June 2006
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An Afghan Diary: A monumental meeting with Malalai Joya and 2463
Iraq: Australia's trigger happy troops kill Trade Minister's guard 2527
Bush Jnr's Australian poodle: Out of his depth & one "stuff up" too many for Iraq 2242
Deepa Mehta's 'Water' the highest-grossing Hindi language film in North America for 2006 2239
New Delhi: Seeking answers from Sonia Gandhi, Medha & 100 Narmada displaced instead “detained” 2209
Iraq: Leaked memo from Khalilzad to Condoleezza Rice wholly at odds with Bush Jnr & Blair accounts 2283
New Delhi: People's Convention on "Myths, Lies and the Narmada Betrayal" 2153
From Saddam to Zarqawi, Bush Jnr's parallels with Adolph which serve to brutalize the Muslim world 2428
New Delhi: Poetess Nimah Ismail Nawwab, “The voice of Saudi Arabia” 2510
Vienna: Nobel laureates Williams & Ebadi lead call for "No US missiles against Iran" 2182
Bush Jnr's Afghanistan: Kabul‘s luxury malls vs widows in voluminous blue burqas & ethnic divides 2451
Disappearing, displaced, and undervalued 4116
Haifa Zangana: Setting the record straight on Bush Jnr's surprise visit to a fortified "green zone" 2007
New Zealand: The effect, likely detrimental, of racism on the health of Maori 4148
US-India Nuclear Deal: Bush Jnr takes India to the cleaners, while US rakes in $35bn 2214
Afghanistan: Karzai & British troops red-faced & clueless as Helmand's opium harvest set to double 2164
India: Union Government vindicates the Narmada Bachao Andolan and brave leader Medha Patkar 3456
Soccer, the universal football code, generating modern slave trade 2485
US: Military's culture of violence breeds growing, systemic domestic violence in military families 2958
Afghanistan:Withheld UN report reveals Karzai's involvement in appointment of rapists, war criminals 1989
Bush Jnr's Australian Poodle: Honest John's past sharing a thread of the Bush Dynasty's wealth cloth 2120
Iraqi resistance movement born out of US Military barbarisms 1957
US Military vs Insurgents: Who can kill the most Iraqi civilians? 1989
Africa: Wider changes urgently required to address the social determinants of Indigenous health 5204
New Zealand: Maori hospital care marginally poorer than received by non-Maori/non-Pacific patients 3097
Council of Europe: US has woven clandestine ‘spider’s web’ of detentions & transfers 1685
London: Bush Jnr poodle Blair staying mum over Britain's role in CIA rendition flights 1746
Bush Jnr's bullyboy Bolton not happy: US set to withhold UN funds [again]? 1522
Haditha: Merely the tip of a genocidal US iceberg 1727
Chris Floyd: Total breakdown in US morality & leadership not confined to Haditha slaughter 1968
Iraq: The imposition of Bush Jnr’s ill-conceived model of tragedy and despair 1492
Kashmir: Women demand action against brothel clients 1703
Bush Jnr: War President's homophobia to the fore AGAIN 1519
Berlin: Former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, turns humanitarian 1812
Australia: Cancer 30 % more likely fatal in Indigenous than in non-Indigenous 4021
Wilton Park Conference: UN Security Council Resolution 1325: What are the challenges? 2177
John R Bolton widely disliked & distrusted, but neocons last hope to save Bush Jnr’s Administration 2149
East Timor Updates, June 1 2006: Women at the fore demanding peace 1724
Haditha Iraq's My Lai, but Bush Jnr policy generated death of 250,000 Iraqis 1753
While Bush Jnr and fellow war mongers sit in secure luxury, Scott Anderson's story of cannon fodder 2143
Iraq [as too Afghanistan]: Mega-litres of blood & $Bs later, plus ça change .... 1552
Democracy Now! Amy Goodman interview with Arundhati Roy May 23 2006 1773
India: Judiciary playing major role in country's descent towards violence and chaos 1848
Indigenous health issues across the Pacific focusing on Australasia, Hawai‘i, & Micronesia 3801
Los Angeles: Joan Baez, 40 years on & still singing for justice 1640
Stanford University School of Medicine: New gene technology poisons and kills mice 1543
Sri Lanka: Women call for an end to litany of State & LTTE’s recent acts of violence 2823
Sardar Sarovar projects: Audit reports vindicate Narmada Bachao Andolan, highlight Govt failures 2985
Cold shoulder for Bush Jnr's Australian poodle in Dublin 1764
Australia: Putting Bush Jnr's black-tie dinner & 19-gun salute to his #1 poodle in context 1706