Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest June - August 2006
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Phosphoric acid in colas contributes to decreased bone-mineral density, especially in adult women 2246
Hiroshima 2006: 45,000 in silent prayer for the tens of thousands killed & maimed 8:15am Aug 6 1945 1999
Remembering Hiroshima in 2006: High time all mankind, including the US, said in unison: Never Again! 2149
GAZA: Israel's recent attacks leave more than 150 dead, half civilians, including one yr old infants 2363
Kalpana Sharma: Acknowledging women bloggers in Beirut for telling the reality of another tragic war 2076
Robert Fisk: Watching the martyrdom of Lebanon ...... 2165
China's Sky Train: Fast track to genocide, ecocide, & an impenetrable warehouse in Tibet 3032
India: Manibeli Encircled with Submergence Waters. Thousands to gather for Aug 5 Satyagraha 2135
Hiroshima Day 2006: Einstein's 1945 words "The war is won, but peace is not" echo still louder 9590
Haifa Zangana: Children's faces .. how the victims of gruesome atrocities look so alike! 2052
UK: US missiles for Israel avoid Prestwick protest, courtesy of BLiar land in Mildenhall, Suffolk 2139
Bush Jnr's bullyboy Bolton worst choice for US, UN & World Peace 2011
Arianna Huffington: Takes a cockeyed optimist, or a delusional zealot, to see the good in ME warzone 1785
Washington DC: Bush Jnr celebrates US children's "peace" while exporting missiles which kill 2027
Ireland: US missiles of death & destruction for the Middle East not welcome on Irish soil 1969
Melbourne: June 30 Peace Rally 2079
Wal-Mart hits the dust in Germany 2313
Indra Adnan: "If persuasion, attraction and understanding are the new arts of power, 1894
Vandana Shiva: The ecological, economic and social costs of oil addiction 2248
Baghdad to Beirut: Set ablaze by Bush Jnr’s arrogant presumptions & practical incompetence 2090
Bush Jnr & Khalilzad’s Iraq: Bodies rotting in the sun, drill holes betraying unspeakable torture 2143
Arianna Huffington: UN Report reveals blood & suffering of the Bush Jnr-created Talibanized Iraq 1313
Beijing to Lhasa: Another of China’s myopic development policies blinded to Tibet's precious culture 2666
Arianna Huffington: As imperialist dreams go pear-shaped, Bush Jnr's architects go "Houdini" 1223
As Gaza burns, Lebanon smoulders, Iraq collapses, faceless children lie in isolated terror 1899
Lebanon: The horror of war through the eyes of artist Zena el-Khalil 2025
Arianna Huffington: Bush Jnr & BLiar's Crude, Rude & Distasteful 1252
France: Rose George asks Fadela Amara what fuels her rage 2065
Arianna Huffington: While Events Heat Up, Bush Jnr Hams it Up 1184
Hyderabad, India: Male police target & beat women protesters 2425
Iraq: Fascist infestation actively abetted by Bush Jnr's regime 2437
Iraq: Women call for Stephen Green and co-rapists' trial as war criminals 2766
Raloxifene: Moderate benefit as breast cancer prophylactic, but increased rel. risk of fatal stroke 1282
The World Bank's secrecy and technical errors combine dangerously in treatment of malaria 3182
Howard OK with Bush Jnr plan to turn Maralinga into world's major dump for spent nuclear rods 1621
Tibet: China trumpets new railway with call to fight Dalai Lama & supporters to the death 2318
UK: Anne Owers furious about foreign nationals crisis & broader scandal affecting UK jails 1650
Cindy Sheehan: Conduct Unbecoming 1269
World Soccer Cup 2006: With or without trafficked women, Artemis brothel a supermarket of depravity 4454
Haifa Zangana: All Iraq is Abu Ghraib 1747
Reality TV - Big Brother: Cheap, manipulative, insultingly tatty entertainment for the mindless 3932
World Soccer Cup 2006: An orgy of flag-waving opportunism & patriotism. Both 'isms suck! 1333
Iraq: US tramples over compensation rights of military victims 1619
Australia: International sale of uranium amounts to the export of cancer 1418
Robert Fisk: When art is incapable of matching life 1368
World Soccer Cup 2006: A beautiful game, or a boring game for cheats with muscular male 1482
White House murderers slapped in the face by US Supreme Court, but Bush Jnr still prattling 1334
US: Bush Jnr Admin openly declares its Fascism - In court, in Congress, everywhere ... 1427
Afghanistan: US puppet Karzai's popularity plummets 1407