Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest August - September 2006
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9/11 2006: US ambassador to London blind to anti-Americanism, denies Blair's US-poodle-ism 2235
9/11 2006: Bush Jnr stays with tactics which back torture and alienate allies 2342
9/11 2006: Bush Jnr on dangerous new pre-election push to recycle fantasies about Iraq as reality 2075
Bush Jnr: Conduct unbecoming amidst delusions of grandeur 2496
US: From Camp Casey to Camp Democracy, Antiwar Message Travels From Texas to Washington 2225
US: Kinks in the red tape of essential strict new regulations governing acne drug prescription 3122
Militarism: The contemporary barbarism of air power 2799
India: Colas guzzling water & spewing toxic waste 3010
Gaza: Israel dooming to a pitiless existence - without freedom, without peace & without hope 3169
Asma Jahangir: A lifetime of courage worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize 2723
Swaneagle Harijan: A feminist artist heeding her heart 4296
Women Nobel Peace laureates meet with IAEA to reduce risk of war with Iran 2326
Naomi Klein: New Orleans a glimpse of a dystopian future 2570
Molly Ivins: Founding Cow Whisperers Against the War 2274
Scotland: 2 decades after Equal Pay Act, new female graduates begin with £3000 p.a. less than males 2067
Tehran: Sympathizers scarce as Human Rights Activists toil dangerously in the dark 3012
Shirin Ebadi: A fight to the death but military invasion & sanctions can only make things worse 2730
Pakistan: Clerics forbid aid via women in earthquake-hit Pakistani Kashmir 2388
Gaza: Israel's killing field with approx. 200 Palestinians dead, & 1,000-plus injured, since 25 June 2031
Distractions which divert world attention from Israel's political aim to liquidate Palestine 2276
Sonja Karkar, Women for Palestine, Australia: Don't look away from Gaza. Find the courage .... 1903
Missy Comley Beattie's Recurring Nightmare, starring Bush Jnr and fellow fascists 1655
India: Sardar Sarovar drowns the Adivasis but neither their Spirit nor their Struggle 2155
Kathy Kelly: Who will listen to bereaved mothers begging an end to the slaughter of their children? 1965
UK: Profiles of a cross-section of British women working to make the world a better place 2168
Robert Fisk's Beirut Diary: A land reduced to rubble 1815
Gaza: UN-sponsored ceasefire in Lebanon, but Palestinian blood continues to flow 1787
Lebanon: Israel apes the US in murdering civilians with "smart bombs" 2038
Lebanon: Tons of chiefly Israel's unexploded munitions threaten civilian life and limb 1753
Sonia Shah: Testing drugs on prisoners extends movement to restrict human rights in medical research 2356
India: A luta continua as Narmada Valley celebrates Independence Day amidst tragedy 1918
India: The Colas caught for now, but a longer [pesticide] shadow looms 2496
Bianca Jagger: How many civilians must die before Blair's diplomacy is seen as a dead letter 1572
Pentagon's depleted uranium comes home to roost 2396
Haifa, Israel: Jewish & Arab women risk bombs & threats urging their government to stop the war 2078
India: Massive Submergence & Destruction, but Government Unprepared for Rescue & Relief 1853
Washington DC: More Cluster Bombs bound for Israel? 2061
China's Sky Train: Railroading Tibetans to Extinction? 3375
Iraq: The depraved with digital cameras & web access turn war into nightmare of obscenity 2075
Unending bloodlust of US, UK & Israeli leaders has turned Gaza, Iraq & Lebanon into death camps 2348
Lebanon: Brave resistance in response to Israel's "collective punishment" 2036
Gaza: Off world radar as Israel inflicts genocide 1989
India: Narmada waters destroy Bilgaon micro-hydel power plant, homes and crops 2545
India: Pesticide levels of Coca-Cola & Pepsi prompts total ban in Kerala 2068
Israel: Every day, the Women Against War Movement holds vigils in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa 1977
Nagasaki 2006: Mourning the victims of 1945 & calling on the US & N Korea to abolish nuclear weapons 2102
Helen Lobato: "HRT Licensed to Kill and Maim" needs to be on every woman’s bedside table 4941
Never Again! - Revisiting Yosuke Yamahata's Nagasaki Journey of August 10 1945 7171
Mike Davis & Justin Akers Chacon: No One is Illegal: Fighting Racism and State Violence 4164
Iran: Government attempt to silence Shirin Ebadi’s Center a huge setback for protecting human rights 2050