Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest January - February 2006
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Bulgaria: Kidneys trafficked from impoverished E. Europeans to the wealthy, most from Israel 4133
Bikini Atoll: Nuked by the US "For the good of mankind" 2983
London: An angel of mercy for the October 8 Pakistan-India quake victims 2084
Bush Jnr's Contribution to Universal Peace, Tolerance, and Diversity 1859
State of the Union 2006: Bush Jnr's weasel words demean the Kings' legacies 2099
Pakistan: Innocent women & children slain in Musharraf's war on Balochistan ..... 2343
UN: Bush Jnr Administration aligns with the "Coalition of the Homophobic" 2030
Chris Floyd on Bush Jnr's deliberate, premeditated murder in Pakistan 2367
Join CodePink's Global Call for Peace 2219
State of the Union 2006: Déjà vu for Cindy Sheehan arrests, Déjà vu for Bush Jnr fascism 2124
Olof Palme Prize 2005 to Myanmar's "Iron Butterfly", Aung San Suu Kyi 2880
Philippe Sands: 2006 version of"Lawless World" to further expose Tony Blair-Bush Jnr as ...... 2179
Iran: US and EU nuclear hypocrisy as Bush Jnr turns India into a passive, helpless spectator 2181
Al Jazeera and the missile mindset of Bush Jnr and fellow fascists 2536
Iraq: Bush Jnr's invasion leaves the cradle of civilization awash with innocent blood 2163
Germany's World Cup Brothel: Fulltime Score - Men Who Buy Sex: Nil, Zero, Zilch and Zip 4586
The Arms Economy: Enriching wealthy nations at the expense of the world's poorest 2321
OUTLOOK'S Jan 23 Cover Story "Sindh's Stolen Brides" creates a stir with NGOs 2488
Chile: Michelle Bachelet's home grown, regional, and CIA-orchestrated poisoned chalices 2371
UK: House of Lords delays financial justice for arsenic-poisoned Bangladeshis 2343
Iran's nuclear program, exclusively for peaceful purposes, defies only Bush Jnr-led imperialists 1632
Wal-Mart: Whitewashed by former White House spin doctors 1731
Afghanistan: Bush Jnr-imposed democracy sours ..... 1475
Arundhati Roy rejects Sahitya Akademi Award for a litany of excellent reasons 1704
Angela Merkel's fence-mending visit to the US soured by Iraq scandal back home 1572
Blair seeks nuclear power, as too Bush Jnr. Why deny Iran? 1389
Iran: A question reeking of double standards 1622
Elizabeth Holtzman: The impeachment of Bush Jnr essential to protect US constitution and democracy 1667
New York: Lawyer for Grandmothers Against the War to judge ...... 1480
Urgent re Iran: Grey matter transplant, Stronger reading lenses, Hearing aid batteries for Bush Jnr 2023
Human Rights In Perspective: Gross violations of human rights continue - both loud and silent 1629
India: Sex-selective abortion a "refined" form of female infanticide 2193
Arundhati Roy unanimous winner of 2005 Sahitya Akademi Award in English 1759
Pakistan: Asma Jahangir escapes January 8 assassination attack 3267
Standing up to Washington: Angela Merkel set to shame Bush Jnr's poodles 1956
2005 Political Folly Awards: Bush Jnr and fellow fascists scoop the pool 1844
Feminist creative writing reverses the ghettoization of women's contributions to literature 2546
Pakistan: Long-lasting trauma of mega-earthquake for women and children 1790
Goddess help Africa if left to Geldof 1804
BigPharma turning South Asia into the world's largest clinical-testing petri dish 2360
Condoleezza Rice with Egg on her face? 1726
Khalid Al Masri: The human face of an innocent tortured by Bush Jnr's SS 2608
Pakistan's self-proclaimed face of enlightenment and Bush Jnr poodle, Pervez Musharraf.... 1700
Naomi Klein: More than a few bad [US] apples 1602
Dr. Irene Fernandez recalls Solzhenitsyn in her Right Livelihood acceptance oration 3016
Growth is the altar before which it is legitimate to sacrifice ...... 1652
Patriarchy the root cause of women's global victimisation .... 2255
Pat Howard: "We are part of one enormous feeding experiment ..... 1827