WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny August - September 2006
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Pakistan: Warm reception for Dr Tahira S. Khan, author of "Beyond Honour" 3042
Maternal mortality: 529,000 deaths annually, the burden greatest in sub-Saharan Africa & South Asia 26247
Obstetric fistula: Increasing to 30,000–130,000 cases annually in Africa alone; 12301
Natasha Walter: Feminist activism to overcome the under-representation of women in the film industry 2238
Scotland: Sex industry undergoing sinister change - men preferring foreign underage prostitutes 5780
US: The brutal world of teenage prostitution in Toledo, Ohio 12809
US: Antiwar activists & women's organizations rally behind accused army deserter Suzanne Swift 2433
Afghanistan: Weak judiciary, lack of law enforcement & misogyny fuel rise in honour killings 2147
Women compelled to leave their homes & countries open to new & old forms of violence & exploitation 2073
Pakistan: Protection of Women (Criminal Laws Amendment) Bill cast aside [in tatters] 2238
Sex Tourism: The client royalty. The Other, most often female, a sexual slave 4101
Guatemala: 2,200 women murdered since 2001 2312
Germany: Peril for lawyers, writers, social workers, teachers, standing up for Muslim women's rights 2106
Pakistan: Musharraf's proposed Amended Hudood Ordinance Act disintergrates 3295
UNFPA State of World Population 2006 2934
India: Hospital evicts pregnant HIV-positive woman with "pills" to perform self-abortion 2156
Lucinda Marshall: How the Media Exploits Sexual Crimes 2428
Equal Rites Awards 2006: Bush Jnr wins "The Man-Handling Prize" 2836
Karnataka, India: High Court rules acid attack is attempted murder, hands down life sentence 2668
Lucinda Marshall: Women Speaking Out about the Violence in the Middle East 2236
Kalpana Sharma: Saluting South Africa's women for their achievements 1648
China: Part 2 Family size, fertility preferences, & sex ratio in the one child family policy era 2895
China: Part 1 Family size, fertility preferences, & sex ratio in the one child family policy era 2733
China: A policy that changed the world, but at what price for women? 2131
Pakistan: Musharraf backtracks on "Repeal of Hudood Ordinances". Settles for "Amendment"! 2036
W. Virginia: Ortho-McNeil price hike puts contraceptives beyond reach of low income & student women 1795
Lucinda Marshall: The truth that must be spoken and we dare not be silent 1798
Turkey: Village girls taken from school at 13 to "preserve" for marriage at 14 or 15 1795
South Africa: Women march in Pretoria to protest against domestic violence & child abuse 2220
Martin J Walker: HRT Licensed to Kill and Maim 9189