The Global Struggle for Farmers' Rights, Food Security, Women's Livelihoods January - June 2006
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India: Andhra Govt files contempt charges against Monsanto 2131
India: Taken together, atrocious new proposals constitute a frontal assault on the right to food 1946
New Delhi: Greenpeace report says Bt brinjal "Unpredictable, Irreversible and Unnatural" 1749
India: Health minister assures NGOs of guarded approach to Bt brinjal 1804
New Delhi: Farmers & prominent NGOs oppose large-scale Bt brinjal trials 1880
On the eve of Government of India's approval for large scale Monsanto-Mahyco Bt brinjal trials 1794
Mahyco-Monsanto, pre-empted by CSA-India's briefing paper, seeks approval for Bt brinjal trials 1761
On the day the first rain star takes birth, & on behalf of 40-odd million Andhra Pradesh farmers 1910
The truth is out! India set to finalize US pact for unconditional import of agro products 1692
The truth is out! CSA-India reveals Genetic Engineering Approval Comm. soft on Bt Brinjal biosafety 2280
Europe: Farmers unable to afford 100 m buffer zones which may still fail to prevent GM contamination 2070
Europe: Despite intense US [& Canadian] pressure, farmers & consumers balk at GM-crops 2090
CSA-India: Bt cotton linked to extravagant deathrate of grazing sheep & goats 1718
India: Riled by adverse national impact of Bt cotton, farmers burn Maharashtra harvest 1816
CSA-India: Farmers Unions & Consumer Organisations demand action on GM crop trials 2218
CSA-India: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare re GM Labelling Rules 2253
India: Farmers' Debt, Destitution, Despair, and Death from the Green Revolution 1911
Marc Dufumier: Alternatives to the GM rhetoric which "Only a fool could believe" 1991
Mali: More on the world's 4th poorest country resisting Bt overtures of Monsanto and Syngenta 2536
Convention on Biological Diversity, Curitiba 2006: Terminator stalled [for the present] 2276
India: Observing International GE Opposition Day, April 8 2006: Lies or Lives? 1471
India: False Hopes, Festering Failures Bt Cotton in Andhra Pradesh: 2005-2006 1489
India: Study by Deccan Development Society and allies shows Bt cotton has failed farmers again 1457
Andhra Pradesh: Government currying Bt cotton favour with Bush Jnr's agricorporate mates 1981
CSA-India: Bt Cotton – No Respite for Andhra Pradesh Farmers 2038
SAGE Press Release: Farmers celebrate victory over the Terminator Three at CBD in Brazil 1288
Indo-US Knowledge Initiative: A Bush Jnr con to assist corporate giants Monsanto, Wal-Mart and Tesco 1519
South Against Genetic Engineering: Campaign Against "Terminator" 2019
SAGE: Genetic Engineering industry's Terminator = "US's ultimate agricultural WMD" 1437
Indo-US Knowledge Initiative in Agriculture: Paving the way for Monsanto & Wal-Mart takeovers 3485
Maharashtra: Debt-ridden cotton farmers, "in the dark", with only their kidneys left to sell 1358
Arundhati Roy: Rallying for thousands of farmer widows, while Govt disputes 1342
INDIA: Starving Musahar community face death in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh 2772
Andhra Pradesh, India: Centre for Sustainable Agriculture catches Mahyco-Monsanto red-handed 1757
CSA-India: Another exposure of biosafety violations in GM food crops [bt-brinjal & bt-rice] 1797
Hyderabad, India: Farming, a la Bush Jnr, a sure path to destruction and despair 2311
CSA-India Press Release: GM crop trials shrouded in secrecy 1470
CSA-India Press Release: WTO Seeks To Overturn Sovereign Authority Of States Yet Again 1278
Not yet "Game, set and match" to the US via the WTO to prise open regulatory doors in China, India, 1200
Andhra Pradesh: Consumer forum orders Mahyco-Monsanto to pay compensation for Bt cotton flop 2174
Mali: Farmers from the world's fourth poorest country say NO to GM agriculture 2183
Out of Africa: Mysteries of Access and Benefit Sharing: A shocking report on Africa-wide biopiracy 1992
Andhra Pradesh: Celebrating the Deccan Development Society's GM-free Caravan 1636
Madhya Pradesh: No "white gold" for Bt cotton farmers 1635
India: Govt move to reduce PDS food grain distribution pushes more to starvation 1483
India: NGO and Farmer Committee acting as watchdog on Govt approval of GM-agriculture 1444
Andhra Pradesh: Govt threatens to delicence Mahyco-Monsanto over Bt cotton failure 1401
Right to Food Campaign's anti-WTO Struggle: Organise or "bear the yoke of imperialist slavery" 2230
Andhra Pradesh Govt apathy towards Centre for Sustainable Agriculture's alert on killer pesticides 1469
Hong Kong WTO Ministerial Conference: Developing countries sell out their own farmers 1425