Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest September - October 2006
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Afghanistan: Women's liberation via Bush Jnr's invasion is throwing "Dust in the Eyes of the World" 4221
Afghanistan: Mission Accomplished in Bush Jnr's dreams [read *delusions*] 3740
US: Thousands rally against Bush Jnr's war mentality 2629
Iraq: Bush Jnr, Blair & Howard fully responsible for the ongoing genocide & destruction 2855
India: Landmark Domestic Violence Act 2005 to take effect from October 26, 2006 3113
Afghanistan: Germany's troops join US-led vilification of the occupied 2912
Bush Jnr & BLiar: After turning Iraq into hell on earth, spinning their enforced retreat as victory 2721
Washinton DC: Blithering somewhere between 'Cut & Run' & Dubya's definition of 'Stay the Course' 2780
Iraq: Occupation forces have nowhere to go except home 2706
Iraq: 655,000 dead Iraqis & monitoring of compliance with the Geneva Conventions urgently required 3927
Iraq: Bush Jnr-led genocide proceeding a la Hitler regime 2712
Bush Jnr & BLiar: 2 lame ducks still myopically shoulder-to-shoulder on their Iraq killing fields 2662
Putin's Russia: Post-Politkovskaya, regime tightens nooses for human rights defenders 3322
Moscow: Putin's smears and insinuations fool no one; add insult to injury 2648
London: General Dannatt's exposé may be airbrushed, but punctures Blair's false promises in Iraq 2773
London: BLiar gunned down by his own Army chief 2664
Washinton DC: Bush Jnr scurries from 2004 missile misperceptions to D-I-P-L-O-M-A-C-Y in 2006 2934
Moscow: As in life, Anna's murder brought to the fore Putin's "humor of a sniper" 2736
Iraq: Bush Jnr's trail of death, around 2.5% of the country's population 3046
Iraq: Bush Jnr's Pyramid Of Skulls half the height of the White House 3232
Novaya Gazeta: Putin's words "unworthy of a man, unworthy of the president of Russia" 2423
Anna's infinished finale: Putin-backed torture camps for Chechnya's future freedom fighters 3865
Nepal: China's diplomats out to silence witnesses to Nangpa La mountain pass atrocity 2145
Moscow: While there is a Novaya Gazeta, Anna Politkovskaya’s murderers will not sleep easy 2385
Moscow: Nature cried as mourners farewell "one of the bravest journalists any of us have ever known" 2232
Afghanistan: Still burning in fires of Taliban & criminal Northern Alliance fundamentalists 2923
Moscow: After 72 hr silence & phone call with Dubya, Putin pledges Politkovskaya Investigation 3670
Russia: $1M bounty, but if history any indicator, arrest of Anna Politkovskaya's killer unlikely 2571
Moscow: Memorials of roses & photographs mourn outrageous murder of the "unique" Anna Politkovskaya 2285
New Delhi: Arundhati Roy & Medha Patkar join Dr. Mahesh Yadav's Dharna for Tibet 2304
Tibetan nun, & perhaps other Tibetan refugees, shot dead by China's military 3538
New Delhi: Water Belongs To People. Not To Coca Cola 4009
Chris Floyd: Woodward's latest welcome, but nothing really new in depiction of Bush Jnr 2455
Arianna Huffington: Bob Woodward's personal state of denial deepens ... 2111
Arianna Huffington: Re Bob Woodward's State of Denial: Wow. You don't say! 2149
Arianna Huffington: Nominations deserving to spend the day atoning for their transgressions 1951
India: Betrayed by Prime Minister & bureaucrats, Narmada oustees vow to intensify their struggle 2201
India: Madhya Pradesh Government's claims of completion of R&R exposed 2482
New York: With friends like Condoleezza Rice, which country's women need enemies? 2158
Haifa Zangana: The resistance will end only if occupation ends. Otherwise 2428
Lebanon: Olive harvest due, but country flooded with a million-plus unexploded cluster bomblets 2289
US Warrior Creed actively promotes torture & total destruction of the 'enemy' 3125
Toronto: Growth of HIV pandemic outpaces control efforts. Vaccine still "dreams & nightmares" 2311
9/11, 2006: Truth warriors have Bush Jnr Administration jittery, & behind 9/11, 2001 2170
Jalaluddin Haqqani now the most powerful person in Afghanistan, second only to Mullah Omar 3319
9/11, 2006: Bush Jnr isolated at home and abroad. We are all Hizbollah now 2395
9/11, 2006: Women's voices all but invisible in mainstram media as war rages in the Middle East 2175
9/11, 2006: Remembering the Mahatma's prophesy: "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind" 2702
9/11, 2006: Bush Jnr-led invasions of Iraq & Afghanistan nothing short of disaster 2158
9/11 2006: Bush Jnr's "War of Terror" in numbers 2048