The Global Struggle for Farmers' Rights, Food Security, Women's Livelihoods July - December 2006
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India: GM-crops are defying Integrated Pest Management 2139
Hyderabad, India: Candle Light Shraddhanjali for the 150,000 farmers who have committed suicide 2493
India: Suspected terminator technology could end Delhi University's GE-mustard trials 2154
India: TN farmers denounce toxin-laden GE crops as threat to humans, livestock & food security 4018
Gujarat, India: Bollworm resistance to Bt cotton toxin already underway 3067
India: Pesticides suspected cause of recent epidemic of death & kidney failure in Andhra village 2217
India: CSA-India complaint forces Andhra Pradesh Govt to admit pesticide-related deaths 2212
CSA India: Investigation reveals Mahyco violates GM food crop trial conditions yet again 3679
UK: Govt backing GM crops by hook or by crook 2131
India: Dubious safety, and need for GM technology, on eve of approving Bt brinjal trials 3018
CSA India Press Release: SC maintains Sept 22 stay on further GM-crop field trials 3106
CSA India Press Release: Andhra Pradesh village declares itself GM-Free 2139
CSA-India Press Release: Independent Expert Committee to examine Bt Brinjal issues 2427
CSA-India Press Release: SC orders 2 to 3 week halt of GM field trial permissions 2517
India: US double standards deny consumers "informed choice" when it comes to GM-food 2270
India: Set to become world's leading wheat importer, US planning a share of the pie? 2421
New Delhi: US Using WTO to Push GM Food into India 2930
India: Conserving farmlands, not transgenic technology, key to country's food & nutritional security 2152
India: Initiative on labelling of GM foods facing fierce US opposition 2155
WTO: Time to pull down the shutters on a badly mutilated multilateral regime 2475
SOUTH AGAINST GENETIC ENGINEERING: The Bangalore Declaration, July 5, 2006 2946
India: USAID funds global spin consortium to counter NGO & farmer resistance to Bt brinjal 1786
WTO Geneva: Collapse of mini-ministerial talks again exposes developed countries' insincerity 1544
India: Women, more than 50,000 marginal small farmers, play crucial roles in nation's agriculture 1677