Joseph Ratzinger: From Nazi youth to Panzer Cardinal to a treacherous Benedict XVI April 2005 - December 2006
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Benedict XVI: Flips from building bridges with Islam to bridging gap between Catholicism & Orthodoxy 1999
Benedict XV1: Loves Turkey! Flip-flops on earlier veto of Turkey's EU entry 2196
Benedict XV1: Signs of a cool reception in Turkey 2024
Benedict XV1: Angers Keralites by blithering that St. Thomas evangelised Pakistan rather than India 1894
Benedict XV1: Regensburg diatribe riddled with inaccuracies 1987
Benedict XVI: Lending moral justification for unpopular & floundering Bush-Blair Islamic paranoia 2056
Benedict XVI: Demeaning the Dalai Lama's visit 1985
Benedict XVI: One month after global outrage, Regensburg slur amended 2232
Benedict XVI: A choice so cautious as to verge on the callous 1974
Benedict XV1: A Pope with "Nazi deserter, homophobic, anti-women, & Grand Inquisitor" baggage 2435
Castel Gandolfo: Benedict XV1's 30 minutes of damage control 2302
Chandra Muzaffar: Without mention of his name, exposing Benedict XVI's prejudice 2293
Benedict XVI: Spreading his pontifical "robe" over nakedness of Bush Jnr's Cruscade 2344
Benedict XVI: An apology beyond the once absolutist Cardinal now absolutist Pope 2099
Benedict XVI: Dangerous words feeding prejudice and bigotry 2184
Benedict XVI: Ignorantly re-spouting his Ratzinger-era Catholic superiority to vilify Islam 2016
Benedict XVI: Needs a new approach that invites rather than insults pundits of other religions 2039
Benedict XVI in damage control, but has a decade-old history of anti-Islam bias 2374
Benedict XVI: A Prada-Gucci-Gamarelli wardrobe, but plus ca change ..... 4125
Benedict XVI: Regensburg remarks arrogant & inexcusable, and his "non-apology" ill-advised 2192
Benedict XVI: A shrewd and ruthless operator - and he's dangerous 2116
Benedict XVI: Australian protege, woman-hating homophobic Cardinal Pell, adds his anti-Islamic slurs 2402
Benedict XVI: God's not-so-infallible Rottweiler taking aim at Islam 1947
Benedict XVI: Stirring Muslim anger with anti-Islamic slur 1932
Bavaria: Nazi Pope paraphernalia to fill Vatican coffers 2820