WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny October 2006
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WOMANKIND Worldwide: Afghan women and girls left to face ever increasing levels of violence 3104
UN: Women face increasing violence in conflict regions, but under-represented in peace processes 2228
UK: Women reporting rapists at high risk of being identified, vilified & even criminalised 2332
Switzerland: With top rate of domestic gun murder, women campaign to ban loaded guns in the home 2359
UK: Women of all colours called to help end Britain's employment apartheid 2342
Nordic Cochrane Centre: Harm of mammogram screening dramatically outweighs benefits 3678
UK: BLiar's religiosity & ignorance on effect of personal "choice" led Govt into religious quagmire 2503
Moscow: Supposed State investigations a violation of Anna Politkovskaya's memory 2034
Myanmar: Regime fanfares plan of new constitution, but mute on Suu Kyi's 4,000th day of house arrest 2111
Bush Jnr's Afghanistan: Women's constitutional rights exist only on paper 2290
Iraq: Bush Jnr's moronic "War on Terror" brings abduction, rape & murder of women 2499
UK: MP inquiry shows Blair's heartless failure of trafficked women rescued from sex trade 2453
Moscow: Anna Politkovskaya pays with her life for fearless investigative journalism 2369
UK: Rampant male chauvinism stifles women's political ambitions 2406
Pakistan: No end in sight to battle between fundamentalists & women demanding basic human rights 2180
US: National Academies Report upholds orthodoxy of female victimization in science 2118