By feminists: Pre-2006 Literature for the feminist bookshelf
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Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg [Editor]: 10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military 2001
Helen Caldicott: Nuclear Power Is Not The Answer 2401
Nimah Ismail Nawwab: The Unfurling 3824
Amnesty International, IANSA, and Oxfam International: The Impact of Guns on Women's Lives 4307
Janet M.Billson & Carolyn F-Lobban [eds]: Female Well-Being: Toward a Global Theory of Social Change 2312
Vandana Shiva: Earth Democracy - Justice, Sustainability, and Peace 2336
Navdanya: Impact of WTO on Women in Agriculture 3337
Sharada J.Schaffter: Privileging the Privileged: Gender in Indian Advertising 2641
Catharine A. MacKinnon: Are Women Human? And Other International Dialogues 2516
Helena Kennedy: Just Law: The changing face of justice – and why it matters to us all 2228
Elizabeth Hartmann: The Truth About Fire 2378
Suruchi Thapar-Bjorkert: Women in the Indian National Movement 4033
Betool Khedairi: Ghayeb/Absent 3267
Parvathi Menon Breaking Barriers: Stories of Twelve Women 3318
Arundhati Roy: The Ordinary Person's Guide To Empire 2155
Joy Palmer [ed]: Fifty Key Thinkers on the Environment 2353
Senior Aboriginal Women's Council of Coober Pedy: Talking Straight Out 2421
Betsy Hartmann and Amy Oliver [eds]: Reviving Reproductive Safety: Series 1, Fall 2005 2017