India Social Forum New Delhi 2006
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Post-New Delhi: Indian chapter critically significant, linking to wider experiments within the WSF 1789
Post-New Delhi: Interview with Eileen Kuttab, feminist, sociologist & crusader for the Palestinians 2018
Day 5: Medha Patka & Aruna Roy lead cry to oppose govt moves which violate marginalized's rights 1761
Day 4: Indian People's Campaign Against WTO demanding a paradigm shift from global trade regime 1555
Day 4: Calling South Asia to resist US promotion of nuclear power as a conventional weapon 1542
Day 3: Emphasizing the Fundamental Rights of 'Equal Education' 1628
Day 3: Highlighting Govt policies which neglect interests of farmers & indigenous peoples 1604
Day 3: Demanding 'Pro-poor Govt Policies', & announcing 'Alliance for Retail Democracy in India' 1541
Day 2: Calls to repeal unjust laws, & unified immigration law to stop child trafficking 1584
Day 1: Gala opening for platforms engendering dialogue, optimism and hope 1493
Day 1: Cultural extravaganza showcases struggles of tribal, downtrodden & marginalised 1548
Day 1: 500 of 680 Pakistani delegates denied visas for India Social Forum 1468
Day 1: US-India nuclear deal set to encourage India & other S Asian countries towards proliferation 1580
Preview: 60,000 from Asia & Africa to address new liberal globalisation, militarism & hegemony 1728
Preview: Panel of all-women speakers to launch "Building Another World: Visions for the Future" 1552