Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest November 2006
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Afghanistan: Post US-led invasion, the punishment for educating girls escalates 2056
London: Seven weeks after her murder, the fearless Anna can still rattle Putin's fascist cage 2235
Australia: Govt in denial as Aboriginal cancer in Ranger uranium mine vicinity twice the expected 3784
US: Navajos still waiting for the decontamination of their homelands 2573
US: "Navajo Neuropathy", the legacy of contaminated drinking water from US's Cold War uranium mining 5902
US: Navajos left with generational cancer & illness from 42 years of uranium mining in homelands 3856
US: As prices soar, mining giants reset sights on Navajo's "Saudi Arabia of uranium" 2705
Bihar, India: Unicef double standards on child labour 3051
New Delhi, India: Competition aimed at "Save A Girl Child - No Female Foeticide" 2994
Spelling it out for Bush Jnr: The moguls of Hanoi & morgues of Baghdad each speak of misbegotten war 2248
Geneva: Australia, Britain, China, India, Japan, Pakistan, Russia & US reject "No to cluster bombs" 2013
Afghanistan: RAWA's founder Meena featured amongst Time Magazine's 60 years of Asian heroes 2257
Tibet: Human Rights & Environment on back burner, as India ponders trade ties with China 1977
Bush Jnr's Nazi spin exposed: 'Islamic fascism' a crude lie forged to legitimise US militarism 2678
Feminized Poverty: Microcredit enriches both poor women and lending institutions 2005
Palestine: Time to end global silence to Israel's war crimes 2602
Iraq: The philosophers behind the bloodbath are now washing their hands 2070
Iraq: Saddam's death sentence & facts the public should realise about Rumsfeld 2220
US: Post an electoral pasting, & Rumsfeld's ousting by popular demand, Dubya still doesn't "get it" 2084
Gaza: Women of Palestine resist monstrous occupation imposed at gunpoint, siege & starvation 2612
Australia: Even those claiming to be on the side of women blinded by the int. biotech cloning lobby 1990
Middle East: US, British & Israeli heads should roll with Saddam Hussein's 1834
Gaza: Testimony of Israel's murderous seige of Beit Hanoun 1958
Arianna Huffington: Haggard the latest manifestation of a central disease afflicting Bush Jnr & Co. 1668
Iraq: Saddam to hang, but "Have ever justice and hypocrisy been so obscenely joined" 1876
Iraq: Complicities with the genocidal death rate which Bush Jnr orchestrated & now dismisses 1652
US: Army Times editorial: "Mr President, Donald Rumsfeld must go"! 1859
Haifa Zangana et al: Addressing the naked emperor with the courage lacked by poodles Blair & Howard 3747
Barcelona, Spain: II Int Congress on Islamic Feminism calling for gender justice 1955
Iraq: Alyssa Peterson, a US Army specialist with courage above and beyond the call of duty 2428
McGill, Canada: Hersh slams Bush Jnr & murderous US military 1743
Iraq: As Bush Jnr and Blair fiddle, Baghdad burns 1722