WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny November 2006 - January 2007
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India: Uranium mining linked to gross ill health in Jharkhand's Adivasi women & children 4365
UK: Time for a cultural revolution against police & prosecuters who let rapists off the hook 1758
Australia: Two medical rapists get lengthy sentences behind bars 1875
Afghanistan: Girls & women trafficked to pay opium-related debts 1715
Pakistan: Murder, rape, abduction of Punjabi women frequent, but domestic violence the #1 crime 3854
India: Tamil Nadu fisherwomen selling their kidneys & hair to survive post-2004 tsunami 2745
Afghanistan: Younger and still younger daughters sold into marriage to avoid family's starvation 2021
Iraq: Expectant mothers, their infants, and health professionals, at risk of death on a daily basis 2140
India: Haryana brothers pimp widowed sister & her children for 1.2M rupees 2091
US: Despite perception in science that all things are equal, gender still matters as does race 1853
Fiji: Women's Groups fed up with the suffering brought by men's bullying coups, and wish to be heard 2131
UK: Police indifference contributes to Britain's very own Juarez 2028
Algeria: Govt inert, but SOS Women at the fore to halt all forms of male violence against women 2041
UK: Extravagant salaries for BBC heirarchy, but female reporters paid £6,500 p.a. less than males 2116
Iraq: Public executions of women by Islamist militias in Baghdad 4884
UK: The double atrocities of misogyny & racism faced by rape-traumatised asylum seekers 1894
Afghanistan: Drug-trafficker Mujtaba & 11 of his obscene cronies gang rape Badakhshan woman 1843
US: Bush Jnr appoints "misinformation quack" to head health services for 5 million women 1849
US: Bush Jnr to divert $3.9b VAWA funds to conservative anti-obscenity groups 1833
Afghanistan: Post Bush Jnr-led invasion, 20,000 Afghani bounty for male teacher, 50,000 for female 1748
Afghanistan: A collusion of silence hides the extent of women's suicides to escape domestic violence 1449
Australia: The latest atrocity of authorities failing Aboriginal women & children in remote areas 1485
India: Japanese encephalitis lethal for children, but gender bias increases risk of female death 1522
Afghanistan: Govt ignores domestic violence driving overwhelming number of girls to suicide 1406
India: Girls thrown into child labour in double jeopardy - back breaking work & sexual abuse 1566
Afghanistan: Finger pointed at Karzai's judiciary for increase in women's suicides 1423
Eastern Congo: The epidemic of rape that is followed by brutal mutilation 3122
Zimbabwe: Mugabe turns Africa's breadbasket into the world's earliest graveyard for women 1472
Australia: Sheik Hilali's notions of woman as temptress not isolated, but 20 years out of date 2144
Afghanistan: Post-Taliban, girls & women increasingly enslaved as commodity wives 1803
Australia: Govt caves into medical fraternity's hype on human embryonic cloning 1587
Australia's Cloning Amendment Bills: Think twice! Where do the eggs come from? 2369
Gaza: Israeli troops open fire on unarmed women - many wounded, at least two fatally 1608
The Bush Jnr-led roll back of ICPD Cairo's promises, & MDG's fatal neglect of reproductive health 4771