Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest December 2006 - January 2007
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Pakistan: Masarrat Misbah's stirling "Smile Again Foundation" for female victims of acid attacks 7377
Washington DC: Delusional Cheney proves his perversity cum foreign policy is hogwash 1573
Arianna Huffington: Davos Notes - John McCain Bites My Head Off 1750
Russia: RSF petition calling for int. commission of enquiry for truth of Anna Politkovskaya's murder 2121
India: Kidneys from impoverished tsunami fisherwomen trafficked nationally & internationally 1833
Arianna Huffington: [US] Mainstream Media's Take on Iraq: Right, Left... And Dead Wrong 1782
UK: Blair reminded that 260,000 Iraqi children's deaths since invasion breaches Geneva Conventions 2952
Lend Bush Jnr a hand: Mail a copy of Gone With the Wind to the White House or Crawford Ranch 1936
WW II Atrocity: Women inmates in Nazi concentration camps forced into prostitution 11131
Against the tide, Blair blames the media and anti-war movement for military disasters in the ME 2023
Georgia, US: Fort Benning troops gagged after restrained response to Bush Jnr's "new plan" 1849
Berlin: Bush Jnr's change in strategy that isn't! 1904
Against the tide, John Howard shoulder-to-shoulder with his US master on "surge" plan for Iraq 1840
Bush Jnr's deluded throw of dice over misconceived war which dragged US, UK and ME into a nightmare 1798
Bush's new strategy: Every bell tolled as the march of folly set to continue in Iraq 1834
New York: Bush Jnr's "New Way Forward" a road to even greater disaster in Iraq 1859
Arianna Huffington: The President's New Way Forward Plan: Shocking in its Banality 1820
Iraq: With his "surge" yet to come, Bush Jnr has already more than doubled Saddam's killings 2199
Arianna Huffington: Watching the President's Iraq Speech: A Diagnostic Guide 1893
White House: Bush Jnr a taunting killer, caught in the act, lacking nothing but the black hood 3243
Iraq: Merely symptomatic of ignorance & arrogance to fixate on 3000 US military deaths 1457
India: Support urgently requested to save Narmada adivasis & farmers from destruction 1994
UN: Asha-Rose Migiro the second woman ever appointed as United Nations Deputy Secretary-General 1457
The genius of Bush Jnr & poodle Blair: Creating a martyr out of Saddam and a civil war in Iraq 1573
Washington DC: Bush Jnr's supplemental spending bill is death wrapped around a bullet for Iraqis 1466
The REAL obituary of Saddam Hussein 1468
Arianna Huffington: D.C. Notes: Murtha Again Taking the Lead on Iraq 1111
Iraq Post-Saddam's lynching: A hell by all standards, and no end in sight 1791
Arianna Huffington: White House Dumps Another Body Over the Side of Its Sinking Iraq Ship 1108
India: Uttar Pradesh serial murders possibly linked to body part trafficking 1084
Iraq: Saddam executed, while Bush Jnr arrogantly plans "surge" into his killing field 1558
Pakistan: Undaunted by unjust criticism, Maryam Bibi's efforts for girls & women reach new heights 3479
Malaysia: Despite prison threat, Irene Fernadez continues migrant & women's rights campaigns 1855
Beyond Saddam's atrocities lies the flawed evangelism of the invaders who sought to remove him 1675
Washington & London "off the hook" as Saddam takes their atrocious secrets to his grave 1468
Iraq: Saddam Hussein's vengeful execution exposes barbarism of Bush Jnr's "justice" 1496
Iraq: Saddam executed - what about the other guilty men? 1648
US: Breast cancer link unglues Wyeth plan for HRT from "menopause to death" 2481
Israel: Women's NGO, New Profile, bases defence of conscientious objectors on feminist principles 1762
Malaysia: Australian Govt conspicuously absent from UN Meeting on Inalienable Palestinian Rights 1558
Pakistan: Women's Protection Bill a ray of light in surrounding darkness. Implementation problematic 2181
Reporters sans Frontieres: Novaya Gazeta the 2006 Fondation de France media laureate 1744
Human Rights Day 2006: Poverty frequently both a cause & consequence of human rights violations 1724
Arianna Huffington: Queen of the Blogosphere, holding the mainstream media's feet to the fire 1341
Cairo: Scholarly Muslim theologians agree female genital mutilation in conflict with Islam 82876
Washington DC: Bush Jnr & BLiar abandoned as war cheerleaders slowly come clean to Iraq realities 1666
Afghanistan: Fear of being beheaded for teaching children the major education dilemma 2174