World Social Forum Nairobi 2007
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Post WSF: Immense creativity & strategic organising likely to give the Davos fraternity nightmares 1993
Day 5: Policies formulated by capitalist super power states unjust & unfair to developing nations 1679
Day 5: Malaria and poverty identified as inseparable issues for Africa 1767
Day 4: Maathi, Williams, & Ebadi signal essential issues for "Women Building Another World" 1831
Day 4: Human Dignity & Human Rights Caucas: Action Proposals for Gender Equity & Development Rights 1854
Day 3: Lesbian and Gay Rights argued as vital & equal as any other human right 1762
Day 2: Forum gives Africans voice, but registration fees & media disinterest problematic 1984
Day 2: A call to recognize past freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for social justice 2733
Day 2: Past debts of dictatorial govts for oppression & exploitation of resources hindering progress 1692
Day 2: Increasing Women's Resource Base to end violence in a globalising world 2059
Day 1: Deliberating how to address corruption & human rights abuse versus inequality & dire poverty 1699
Day 1: Solidarity against IMF policies for Africa & Israel's occupation of Palestine 1652
Day 1: Feminist Activist Coalition tells of Tanzania's World Bank-imposed water privatisation 1867
WSF Eve: Transforming Democracy - Feminist Visions and Strategies 1761
Preview: Lending a unique focus to feminist issues 1970
Preview: Reflecting the spirit of peoples who have refused to die 1850
Preview: Nobel laureates Desmond Tutu & Wangari Maathai to join 80,000 at global jamboree 1913
Preview: Another kind of world impossible without the peoples of Africa 1841