Sentiments on the shaping of the 2009 White House
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Want more of Bush Jnr‘s war-mongering lies? Vote for the Make-Believe Maverick John McCain! 2865
Sara "Evita" Palin is Rove & Cheney's cosmetic rebranding of their "Made in the White House Fascism" 2586
Palin: Gun-toting, God-fearing proof that we are at the mercy of morons 2688
Palin a disaster for both the US & women’s rights despite Republican spin painting her as a feminist 2328
Sarah Palin: McCain’s code name, dressed up in a skirt, lipstick, & TF glasses for Bush Jnr policies 2612
Palin, McCain's token woman, shares nothing other than a chromosome with Clinton 3026
McCain: Gripped in a dangerous militancy which mocks any talk of peace 2608
Abysmal report cards for Sarah Palin leave triple dose of egg on McCain’s face 2703
Perish the thought, but in 6 steps the Democrats could put McCain in the White House 3287
Obama the Feminist choice: 'No Way Josè' to anti-choice, anti-healthcare, pro-war Republican McCain 2814
Arianna Huffington: Want a Taste of the McCain Presidency? You've Already Had One 2353
Alice Walker: Build alliances not on ethnicity or gender, but on truth i.e. Vote Obama 2744
Hillary shoots herself in both feet with “la la land” lie of the entire campaign 2884
Scenarios for a “catastrophic emergency” with potential to suspend the 2008 election altogether 5159
New Hampshire: Hillary's tears work wonders, but devalued currency in feminist circles 2577
Condoleezza Rice: Off the presidential horizon, and a less than welcome back at Stanford 2240
Arianna Huffington: Another Chapter in Hillary's Attempt to Rewrite History on Iraq 2279
Hillary Clinton's non-allergy to apologies, but none yet for misguided invasion of Iraq 2056
Arianna Huffington: Democratic Candidates Deafeningly Silent on War against People of Color 2288
Stephen Elliott: John McCain Logic In Real Life 1911
Barbara Ehrenreich: Catty About Cancer . . . 1402
Hillary's run for the White House can't outpace her hypocrisy & duplicity in voting for war on Iraq 1495
Arianna Huffington: Team Hillary's Latest Excuse for Iraq Vote: 9/11 Made Her Do It! 1380
Meddling of Bush Jnr's Australian poodle gives Barack Obama's chances a boost 1412
Obama a real chance as the era of George W Bush cannot end too soon 1491
Russia unenthused at the prospect of a President Hillary Clinton 1617
Giuliani hunting with the hounds, running with the foxes on abortion rights 1993