Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest February - March 2007
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Interview with Arundhati Roy on on India's cannibalistic self-colonization 2503
White House 2001-2008: Home to a "thick" 43rd US President 1945
India: Chennai's urban slums a boon for kidney traffickers, but misery for debt-ridden donors 2135
Bush Jnr conceals the cost, estimated at between $1,026 & $2,239 billion, of Iraq killing fields 2225
World Water Day 2007: Nehru Award conferred on Wangari Maathai reminding of water wars in the offing 2369
Spain: Legal, economic, social & psychological aid to victims of pandemic of men's domestic violence 4073
World Water Day 2007: Scarcity a plague, but pollution the main problem in Andhra Pradesh, India 1702
Pakistan: Musharraf a skillful liar, & his government 'Beyond Repair' 2045
Pakistan: The ever growing strength of the quietly dignified Mukhtaran Mai 1980
White House: Bush Jnr's blasphemous justifications of his obscene politics 2580
Arianna Huffington: Halliburton Polls 1498
China-India: Near perfect correlation between declining female sex ratios & growth of violent crime 2589
Afghanistan: Malalai Joya MP & RAWA, voices for justice against Bush Jnr-legitimized war/drug lords 1770
Puerto Rico: 60 years of US naval bombing practice leaves Viequens with a host of serious illnesses 2011
South & Central America: Hostile receptions for Bush Jnr's holiday down south to capture trade bucks 2324
Arianna Huffington: Why the Libby Verdict Is So Damning 1712
Washington DC: Libby verdict exposes both Bush Jnr's "tricky Dick Vice-President" as a liar 2251
Beijing: China tells Shinzo Abe that "Comfort Women" was a euphemism for *wartime sex slaves* 1649
Arianna Huffington: You can practically smell the accountability in Washington's air .. 1618
Japan: Wake up PM Abe! Rather than prostituted, WWII comfort women were serially raped 2022
WW II Atrocities: Japan PM's denial of Asian sex slaves casts doubt on sincerity of 1993 apology 3205
UN CSW: Call for laws with teeth, & financial resources for the girl child's survival & empowerment 1866
Mexico: After 15 years of unsolved female murders in Juarez, Govt acts to stamp out widespread VAW 3240
New Delhi: Gloria Steinham warns "trafficking" profits rivalling those of illegal arms & drugs 3025
Germany: US military facing a wave of conscientious objectors 1778
Washington DC: Penny pinching Bush Jnr Admin. accelerates Tibetan dependence on Mandarin news 1556
Arianna Huffington: US Supports Murtha Plan Despite Media Misrepresentations & Party In-Fighting 1095
UK: 200 years after abolition of slave trade, large scale modern slavery prevails 1838
Afghanistan: Every 28 minutes a woman dies during childbirth 1715
Pentagon: A contingency bombing plan for Iran within 24 hours of a lunatic president's whim 1531
Arctic Climate Impact: The struggles of Inuit peoples against social and cultural dislocation 2173
US: Paul E. Cortez gets 100 years for the rape & murder of Iraqi child & murder of her family 7938
Australia: Howard Government's flip flop on troop withdrawal from Iraq 1470
Australia: Blind pro-Bush policy leaves Howard with political egg on his face 1361
Iraq, Afghanistan: "Made in the US of A" depleted-uranium munitions a massive crime against humanity 1591
Berlin Int. Film Festival: Debut award for Vanaja, the dreams of a poor Indian fisherman's daughter 1925
Berlin Int. Film Festival: Inner Mongolian herdswomen play themselves in top film Tuya's Marriage 2000
Melbourne Feb 22 2007: Rally against war criminal Cheney's visit to "thank" Bush Jnr's poodle Howard 1510
Vicenza, Italy: Thousands protest Pentagon plans to double personnel & size of military base 1544
Harvard University: Drew Gilpin Faust's presidency a generational marker & a turning point 1952
Berlin Int. Film Festival: "Bordertown" Premiere, seeking justice for women slain in Ciudad Juarez 2955
Australia: The Shame of a Stolen Nationhood 1071
India: Leuren Moret warns of chronic illness tsunami from US's "covert nuclear war" in the region 2675
Valentine's Day 2007: Reminding of unethical gifts which exploit a largely female global workforce 1552
Iran: Shirin Ebadi, with 30,000 women's signatures in hand, seeks a million to end the misogyny 1495
CodePink: Keep up the resistance. Let's do it for Molly 1872