WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny February - May 2007
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Russia: Small child raped & strangled on heavily militarized Kamchatka Peninsula 2935
Pornography: A culture centred around the sexual abuse & torture of females and .. 5908
US: Inertia at the top grows military violence against women on the battlefield & on return home 2622
Iraq: Post-Bush Jnr's invasion & occupation, a new Taliban controls the lives of women 5827
Australia: Bad Dreaming - Aboriginal Men's Violence Against Women and Children 3116
Iran: Growing aggression of security forces, "even as women's actions become more peaceful" 2631
Afghanistan: Bush Jnr's "liberation" leaves 50,000 widows begging for a crust in Kabul 4754
Plan International: One hundred million girls are missing, millions more face life of discrimination 2812
Iraq: Partly due to US & British liberation & rights rhetoric, women pushed back into their homes 3160
Australia: PM Howard's underhand misogyny exposed 2448
Gorno: Mainstream "torture porn" films which reek of violence against women 14839
South Africa: 150 children, the overwhelming majority female, raped by men each day 5581
UK: Inquest into death of RAF servicewoman told of psychological bullying & sexual harassment 2744
Zimbabwe: Women pro-democracy protesters, most mothers, stripped, jailed naked 3972
Guatemala: Open season to murder women & girls. More than 2,600 slain since 2001 3789
World Bank: Managing director purges family planning increasing women's risk of AIDS in Madagascar 4220
Saudi Arabia: Without a male escort, women ineligible for study scholarships abroad 6762
US: Don Imus not alone in broadcast misogyny, nor in the language of ho's 2536
US: Don Imus's villification of Rutgers basketball team an affront to all Afro-American women 2617
Australia: Virgin Blue Airlines guilty of ageism against women recruits 3512
India: Female foeticide an organized crime & the ultrasound machine the instrument of murder 2420
South Asia: Women tsunami victims continue to face violence and poverty in relief camps 2399
India: Hundreds of women annually slain or disfigured when scapegoated as witches for "misfortune", 2173
Iraq: US Military fails to protect women soldiers from sexual assault by male comrades 10216
New Delhi Women Writers' Colloquium: Taslima's thoughts on gender-based fundamentalisms 1732
Iraq: US servicewomen exposed to historic levels of male colleague and battlefield violence 3508
Afghanistan: Increasing women's self-immolation to escape domestic abuse, forced marriage, etc. etc. 1639
Afghanistan: Gender equality aligning with the imperialist occupation proving a failed strategy 1785
UN CSW: Teenage girls bear witness to rape, trafficking, prostitution, child labour & AIDS 2300
New Delhi Women Writers' Colloquium: Women empowered by struggle for space & intellectual freedom 2188
India: Uttar Pradesh's marriage market & links to female foeticide & crisis in weaving industry 4866
India: Female foeticide, infanticide & abandonment destroying country's entire social fabric 5355
Iraq: US Sgt. Daniel Edwards Franklin demoted to private for sexual assault of 19 yr old female G.I. 1746
India: Birth of not a solitary girl child sees "All Boys" school in Hassan village of Karnataka 2397
US: Mere 12 years behind bars for Texan offering $10,000 & Rolex watch to have wife killed 5800
India: Despite "economically shining", maternal mortality rate an international disgrace 3800
Afghanistan: For most women the burqa is the least of their problems 2294
Pakistan: Post Women's Protection Bill, 38 women murdered in Sindh, 17 slain in the name of honour 2700
Russia: Remains of 30 or more girls & women abducted into prostitution found in the Urals 3564
Rape-tolerant society: Leaves men who rape confident they can get away with it 2346
UK: So easy for men to escape conviction, rape might as well be legal! 2245