International Women's Day 2007
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Pakistan: Karachi honours gang-rape victims & celebrates a variety of women's successes 2801
New York: Launch of new campaign, "Women Won't Wait: End HIV & Violence Against Women Now" 1967
India: Women farmers struggle for equity & recognition, despite vital role in Rajasthan's economy 2231
US Military: The Sexual Assault of Servicewomen by Male Comrades 3023
March 8 promises abound to improve women's status & end male violence against females 2442
India: Claiming the right for females to live "securely" from womb to tomb 2033
Australia: Afghanistan's Malalai Joya MP tells of criminal rule imposed by Bush Jnr and his poodles 2158
India: Govt prioritising female foeticide, illiteracy and discrimination 2287
Baghdad: Highlights in Green Zone to include the execution of four Iraqi women 2286
Russia: Endless toasts, but no mention of domestic violence slaying 14,000 women annually 2166
A time to affirm the human rights of women throughout the world .... 1973
Pakistan: A day of celebration, then business as usual for VAW and patriarchy 2562
IWD 2007: Nowhere in the world have women the same rights & opportunities as men, espec. re health 3359