Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest April - May 2007
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Afghanistan: Malalai Joya hailed in Kabul for stand against the nation's parliamentary war criminals 2583
Afghanistan: Hundreds of women defy country's war criminals to demand Malalai Joya's reinstatement 2332
Australia: Canberra's parliamentary zoo where sexism is a great big fat red herring 2255
UK: Non-apologetic Blair in death throes, but time for Labour to own up & initiate compensation ... 1919
Afghanistan: Rallies and Human Rights Watch seek end to Malalai Joya's suspension 2598
US: Three teenagers dead, plus 1637 adverse reactions, following Gardasil vaccination 2436
Australia: 10th anniversary of "Bringing Them Home report", & an apology still beyond PM Howard 2946
Maureen Dowd: Adieu to sacked WB President, deluded visionary, & experienced destroyer Wolfowitz 1431
Australia: Gardasil side-effects commence to hit the press 3133
Afghanistan: Bush Jnr-Karzai zoo parliament of drug and warlords ousts human rights MP Malalai Joya 2181
White House: Bush Jnr deaf to BLiar's grovelling - YO Blair! always meant NO Blair! 2071
Australia: Aboriginal women's life expectancy 17 years below that of non-Indigenous women 2771
Australia: New report of Aboriginal health lagging nearly a century behind non-Indigenous peers 20993
World Bank: Wolfowitz nails his own coffin with language immensely unbecoming a public figure 2201
Bangladesh: Nestle et al. still aggressively marketing potentially lethal baby formula 2422
UK: Few to no tears for the departure of Bush Jnr's (non-apologetic for Iraq) poodle 2238
South Maine: Research indicates Depleted Uranium exposure may lead to lung cancer 2735
Iraq: US-led sanctions, invasions & occupation linked to barbaric genocide 2078
India: US raises furore via threat to end nuclear pact unless military & economic ties cut with Iran 1995
India: Women decoys catch sex-selective abortion clinics red-handed in three States 2130
US: Democrats need to hold fast against further of Bush Jnr's maniac surges 1054
New York: Premiere of Darfur film "The Devil Came on Horseback" 1060
US: Military unable to cope with the integrity of anti-war icon Joan Baez 1829
US: Imperialist fantasies of the Project for a New American Century way off the mark 1510
US: Bush Jnr's circus without the bread 1653
UK: BLiar's enduring legacy - British hands stained with the blood of Iraq's men, women & children 1655
US: Time to commemorate George W. Bush in a statuesque way for his heroic incompetence during the .. 1503
Australia: Marie Bashir, first woman governor of NSW, appointed chancellor of University of Sydney 1910
Washington DC: Jessica Lynch, not the Rambo concocted by the Pentagon, but a hero for truth 2935
Canada: Environmental, social, and union groups gather to block US appropriation of country's water 1851
US: Multinationals, aided by Bush Jnr, set to monopolize US water 1896
US: Following Hitler, Mussolini & Pinochet, Bush Jnr initiates the pathway to a fascist state 2465
US: Bush Jnr's currency of fear which creates complicity with military & domestic fascism 1811
Tibet: Google's window to show ethical leadership & cease contribution to China's cultural genocide 1904
Menopause the Musical: The epitome of bad taste 3259
Arianna Huffington: Yep, the answer to gun violence is... more guns! 1263
US: Mother of soldier dead from multiple cancers post-Iraq brings depleted uranium back into focus 2071
Medical War on Women's Bodies: Time to say no to the snake oil salesmen, their charm far too deadly 1768
US: Sharp fall in breast cancer in 2003 linked to post-menopausal women's decreased use of HRT 3806
UK: Women taking HRT have increased risk of lethal cancers, stroke & thrombosis 3393
Australia: Stem cell research methods perilous for young women & tamper dangerously with humanity 1756
Arianna Huffington: Dead men walking! 1599
World Bank: Wolfowitz really sorry [that he got caught!] 2500
World Bank: Wolfowitz with more than holes in his socks destined for the door or 2 yrs as lame duck 3916
US: Guantanamo's war-crimes process never to be seen as legitimate by rest of the world 1745
Iraq: US military atrocities leave no alternative but insurgency 2661
Moscow: Russians & Chechnyans commemorate Anna Politkovskaya's assassination with calls for justice 1851
Iraq: US agency lies & plundering by US companies major factors behind insurgency 2004
Bangladesh: Despite Govt inertia & male scorn, women wage successful war against TB pandemic 1896
Iraq: US atrocities in Fallujah 2004 emblematic of the nation's suffering 2263