Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest June 2007
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Australia: Howard's agenda a mask to erode Aboriginal Title for the sake of the Mining Giants 2210
Biofuels: In the hands of a few MNCs destined to cause wide peasant displacement & up food prices 2542
Melbourne: A dose of misogyny from crude, rude, unattractive, never amusing comedian Peter Hellier 2205
Women's eNews: 40,000 subscribers, 4 million readers, & 26 awards in the space of 5 years 2203
Egypt: 12 year old girl's death, leads to ban on ALL female circumcision 2099
UK: BLiar's urgency to have himself crowned "Middle East Envoy" reeks of self-interest 2228
Australia: John Howard Inc.'s latest episode of Indigenous hypocrisy 2508
UK: Were he, Bush Jnr & Benedict XVI not serious, BLiar's delusions of grandeur almost laughable 2604
New York: Class action against Dow Chemical, Monsanto et al. for Agent Orange toxicity in Vietnam 7202
Australia: Women State MPs and Federal Senators demand Malalai Joya's reinstatement 2166
Myanmar: Political apathy sees Aung San Suu Kyi spending another birthday under house arrest 3862
India: Residents vow to stay & drown rather than leave homes flooded by a Sardar Sarover Large Dam 2119
Northern Ireland: The importance of women & the grass roots in creating recipes for endurable peace 2411
India: Toothless laws fail to halt kidney exports from the poorest of poor to Middle East's wealthy 3962
Afghanistan: Lack of medical supplies drives women to opium as a medication, & as a result addiction 12935
UK: Dumped BLair, yet to finish his sanctimonious goodbyes, a sore loser and forever a liar 2792
Washington DC: Post-G8 Heiligendamm & Vatican, lame duck President returns to his fascist disasters 1918
India: 100s of tea workers starve but Minister for Commerce sees only "small number of problems" 2503
BigPharma: Using the world's poorest women & children as guinea pigs for new medicines for the rich 5202
Afghanistan: Slain female journalist, like Malalai Joya, threatened with death for warlord criticism 4132
Afghanistan: The courage of Malalai Joya's truth 2513
G8 Heiligendamm: Attac nets Bush Jnr, BLiar, Merkel & Sarkozy to symbolically liberate the world 2022
Ireland: Background, poDcast & reports from Nobel Women's Initiative's Int. Conference in Galway 4488
Australia: BigPharma to cash in on premature tax-payer funded HPV vaccination experiment on girls 1940