Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest July - October 2007
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Burma: Peaceful courage more than worthy of the 2007 Nobel Award 2244
India: Media agog with "billions foreign investment" but silent on tragic tales of starvation deaths 2433
Burma: Away from world eyes, cowardly junta murders monks under cover of night 2849
Stockholm: 2007 Right Livelihood Awards to true nobles from Sri Lanka, Kenya, Canada & Bangladesh 2575
Washington: Bush Jnr's cosying with trigger-happy mercenaries darkens already stained US image 2507
Feminist wisdom: Save the earth by rejecting industrialism, capitalism & globalisation's greed 2691
Burma: Courageous women to the fore in the struggle against the obscene military junta 3418
UK: Claiming western ownership of female equality is theft of women's struggles, victories & dignity 2367
Germany: Malalai Joya highlights the Afghan tragedy of US-occupation, Northern Alliance empowerment 2668
US: New Books By Alan Greenspan & Naomi Klein in the context of Greenspan's "Embarrassment Tour" 2354
Egypt: Anthropologist Marie Assaad leads the way as Govt, NGOs & Religious leaders join to halt FGM 4638
India: Sabharwal affair blows lid from "Rule of Law" which places judges beyond the "Reach of Law" 2776
US: The crucial roles played by women in the civil rights movement 3289
Australia: Howard's 'months, not years' in Iraq as foolish as Bush Jnr's 'mission accomplished' 2521
US: Another September 11, & still US suffering supreme over that inflicted upon others 2580
US: Preventive mastectomy - Unproven mutilation to avoid cancer, goldmine for medical fraternity? 5377
Global: Military capital a growing peril, particularly in the US, Britain, & France 2348
UK: Proposal to prosecute men who buy women to rape under Government consideration 2401
Pakistan: Country a shambles under Musharraf, & prospects less than rosy if Bhutto or Sharif return 2556
Australia: Howard making false yellowcake promises to Putin unless Indigenous land grab pays off 2808
Russia: Global scepticism proved justified as all ten Anna Politkovskaya murder suspects walk free 4192
Australia: Howard blinded by yellowcake profits in plan to share uranium with Russia 1990
US Menopause Industry: Endless low dose hormones - safety unproven, catch 22 re "short term" 3397
Sri Lanka: Young S. Asian females at highest risk of "trafficking" & greatest vulnerability to HIV 1953
Israel: Eyal Gur's invention to "stitch up" women's breasts (in return for a few thousand $$$) 5840
Australia: Howard's new "Emergency Bills" jeopardize land title of NT Traditional Owners 2069
Canada: In the face of unanswered HPV vaccine questions, women & girls denied an informed decision 4290
Australia: Howard Govt bulldozes takeover of NT Aboriginal communities & Murray-Darling water 2019
Japan: Remembering a hell where victims envied the dead & condemning US nuclear weapons program 2261
Japan: Revisiting the 1945 nuclear atrocities on radio via "Hiroshima, le souffle de l'explosion" & 3193
US: Female minority amongst autistic children/teens, sees girls turned into "research orphans" 1786
Iraq: Huge rise in poverty, disease, & malnutrition following the Bush Jnr-led invasion 3346
Iraq: Amidst Bush Jnr's shameful, myopic & bloody surge, a soccer team places smiles on Iraqi face 2350
Afghanistan: Doomed under a Karzai-led War Criminal Regime up to its neck in corruption & cronyism 3946
Russia: Pro-govt forces in savage attack on activists protesting uranium enrichment at Angarsk Plant 2469
Australia: Following failure to thwart Nando's offensive ad, women set with alternative campaign 3109
India: Overcoming gender barrier, Pratibha Patil becomes first woman president in landslide victory 4154
India: Bush Jnr's long-touted "deal" threatens to turn country into a global nuclear dump 1939
New York: A brave ghost writer pens Bush Jnr & Cheney's apologies to the world 1732
Tajikistan: 2 additions monthly, mainly women & children, to the list of cluster bomb maimed & slain 2868
US: Decreased family support for war as military divorce rates, & other "incivilities" increase 2177
Afghanistan: Education a la Laura & Bush Jnr - schools of extraordinary destitution, girls shot dead 5603
Afghanistan: Failed anti-narcotics minister heads to Canada to become Afghan consulate general! 7013
Australia: John Howard's 2007 approach to Indigenous reeks of myopia & corporate predatory 3758
Australia: If John Howard were truly sorry & really cared about the country's Indigenous children... 2453