WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny June - November 2007
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Pakistan: Taliban misogynists torch lentils & cooking oil donated for malnourished pregnant women 2267
Australia: Cadbury Schweppes' Solo taken to book for sexist ads during Test Cricket telecast 3006
India: "Missing girls" leads to wife trafficking & sharing, safety fears, sexual & domestic slavery 13127
Iraq: Bush Jnr's "invasion/liberation" turns into a Talibanization placing women at risk of death 2568
Iran: For demanding women's rights, Appeals Court sentences Delaram Ali to 10 lashes, 2.5 yrs prison 3297
India: Increasingly skewed sex ratio set to further raise trafficking & polyandry violence for women 2098
US: Houston-based trafficking gang imprisoned 120-odd women for sex & domestic slavery 2514
UK: 3 years behind bars for Anthony Anderson the Obscene for urinating on a dying & disabled woman 5049
Time to redress the appalling historical neglect of 536,000 pregnancy-related deaths annually 2870
Urgent global investment needed to reduce economic & social cost of maternal & newborn mortality 2601
Maternal morbidity & mortality perpetuates gender inequality & ill-health cycles across generations 7498
India: Females further imperiled as 0-6 yr-old sex ratio falls from 927 to 918 girls per 1000 boys 2455
Burma: The State proclaiming to safeguard women, instead assaulted peacefully demonstrating women 2901
Thailand: 1998 film "Sacrifice" revived to remind that trafficking of Burmese girls/women increasing 4798
E. Congo: The continuing brutal rape epidemic designed to totally destroy women 9242
India: A leading destination for 35,000 female sex slaves annually trafficked from Nepal-Bangladesh 4773
Afghanistan: Malalai Joya plagued by death threats but undaunted in mission for true democracy 3208
India: Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques Act's decade of toothlessness, girl child unwanted 1st born 2049
India: Moves to strengthen 1987 Commission of Sati (Prevention) Act, but the mentality pesists 3404
Cambodia: Men's obsession with virginal females fuels flow of underage girls into sex slavery 3334
APEC 2007: Buy and rape a woman went 'gangbusters', meaning business tripled, at Sydney's brothels 3292
Pakistan: Taliban militants abduct and behead two women on suspicion of 'immoral activities' 3583
Multinationals, $$$hungry medics fueling female genocide with ultrasound weapons of mass destruction 3334
Russia: Larisa Arap, victim of Putin's mental torture after exposing psychiatric abuse of children 3392
Britain: Trafficking gangs kidnap & sell women into prostitution, physical batterings, health peril 4396
Malawi: Despite UK aid package, nurses resisting lures of migration remain in slave labour 3782
Egypt: 13 yr old's death sees Govt promise to enact ban on female circumcision & increase penalties 2401
Pakistan: Despite Women's Protection Act, 33 per cent increase in violence against women 3200
Australia: Howard Govt typically in denial as WorkChoices law adds to feminized poverty 1843
India: Taslima physically assaulted by 20 cowardly men at launch of Telegu translation of "Shodh" 1745
UK: Bottom pinching an example of political culture exempting respect for women from moral sanctions 3628
India: Aided by authority apathy, Nayagarh a mere tip of Orissa's female foeticide iceberg 4152
India: Safety lessons for female students and visitors, specifically for New Delhi but ... 2118
Egypt: 20,000 cases of rape & sexual harassment annually, a shocking 55.5 cases daily, yet ...... 3840
UK: Lincoln paedophile gets a slap on the wrist, 5 years, for vodka-related rape of 2 teenage girls 2393
Afghanistan: One daughter worth a mere nine sheep valued at $165, forced marriages common 1907
UK: Dwindling funds for Rape Crisis centres heads Blair's shameful domestic legacies 2040
UK: Judge Julian Hall, misogynic to the core, but pathetically lenient to paedophile rapists 6658
Iraq: Making a mockery of Bush Jnr's invasion to liberate Iraqi women, 50000 now sex slaves in Syria 2056
Britain: Unidentified young woman doused in accelerant & burnt alive in country lane 1912
Afghanistan: Malalai Joya's expulsion exposes Karzai's fake committment to his country's females 2308
Afghanistan: The blunt but refreshing honesty of Malalai Joya which placed her in mortal danger 2183
Australia's memories of Malalai Joya's 2007 spellbinding presentations & extraordinary courage 2324
Iraq: Bush Jnr's unending myopia turned Baghdad into a city of bereaved women 2165