The Global Struggle for Farmers' Rights, Food Security, Women's Livelihoods January - October 2007
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India: Bush Jnr's Knowledge Initiative on Agriculture a bonanza for US commercial interests 3030
India: G-E Approval Committee breaks own rules in approving large scale Bt Brinjal trials 3211
Australia: Fed. Govt aiding GM fraternity with stale report aimed at ending moratoria on canola 2814
India: GM-cotton susceptibility to fungus spreads root rot to 40% of Bt-cotton, tomato, chilli crops 2741
Manila: India's P. Sainath receives Magsaysay Award for restoring rural poor to national psyche 2855
India: Coalition in Defence of Diversity exposes Bt Cotton lies of Genetic Engineering fraternity 3181
India: Lacking both political & economic sense, high-cost wheat import a threat to food sovereignty 2803
Germany: New Govt regulations for Monsanto's GM-corn may hinder harvest of already planted crops 2668
India: On a background of broken political promises, farm suicide widow a coolie toiling for peanuts 3704
India: The courageous struggle of Kamlabai Gudhe - shared by thousands of other female small farmers 2935
Australia: Vic State Govt rolls over to Agricorps & Howard Govt to lift moratorium on GM crops 3928
India: Subsidy-ridden US plans for market access spell doom for millions of farmers 2806
India: Andhra Pradesh Coalition in Defence of Diversity launches month of opposition to GM crops 2588
India: Despite biotech's prosperity rhetoric, GM-crops totally destroying age-old farming skills 9110
Guatemala: Bush Jnr's prosperity message 'improbable' for farmers barely scratching a living 2446
India: Andhra Pradesh AHD Officials report over 200 cattle dead after grazing on residual Bt cotton 3574
India: Monsanto lowers Bollgard II seed price, but has Govt carte blanc to monopolize agriculture 2375
India: Following failure in Andhra Pradesh, Bt cotton hits the dust in Tamil Nadu 2538
India: Online petition to the Prime Minister against GE-crops 2529
CSA India: Record cotton production NOT due to Bt varieties 2935