Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest October - December 2007
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US: A calendar to tick off Bush Jnr's remaining 386 days in the White House 3451
Washington DC: Benazir, and US Plan A, dual casualties of October deal with Bush Jnr's brokers 2396
UK: Women with 'inkling of a brain' out in the cold at speed-dating venues 2370
Pakistan: HRCP grieves Benazir Bhutto assassination, a tragedy born of military despotism & anarchy 3636
South Korea: Improving sex ratio provides cultural lessons for China, India, Pakistan & Vietnam 5056
UK: Defined by war & corruption, with money his God, Blair’s Catholic piety insults all religions 3014
US: Exploitation & abuse of migrant labour sees Burger King & Co laughing all the way to the bank 3541
Australia: Zubair Sayed, guilty of brutal atrocities in Afghanistan, charged with fraud in Perth 4891
Australia: Howard's burial sees meaningful move towards Aboriginal reconciliation under Rudd 2447
US: Rising teen pregnancies expose flaws in Bush Jnr's myopic evangelical sex abstinence programs 2515
US: Intelligences Agencies' Report flattens Bush Jnr-Cheney accusations of Iran's nuclear ambitions 2502
Australia: Therese Rein's shimmy a defining moment heralding golden roles for women in the Rudd era 3158
Australia: National hero Maxine McKew completes Howard's richly-deserved humiliation 2727
Australia: Howard's wars against Indigenous, Muslims & Workers ended by Rudd-led Labor 2581
Australia: Julia Gillard, cool, articulate, on song, & the nation's first-ever female Deputy PM 3280
Australia: End of the line for he who set military forces on impoverished asylum-seekers in 2001 2566
Australia: Racist dirty tricks expose John Howard, Dubya's "man of steel", as a man of shame 2761
Pakistan: Asma Jahangir on the challenges in a country where God hears only prayers of the elite 2897
Pakistan: Women supporters brutally manhandled by police at pro-Imran Khan, anti-emergency rally 2501
US: 17 military veterans committing suicide per day, grossly exceeding the 2.4 killed daily in Iraq 3571
Russia: A Putin-created Institute to monitor Human Rights in Europe & Putin III?? 2150
US-UK: Bush Jnr & Blair's lies & hypocrisy send the underclass to die in a phony war on terror 2163
India: Maharashtra program delaying girls' age of marriage & pregnancy reduces maternal mortality 1785
Pakistan: House arrest of Asma Jahangir turns Musharraf into a global laughing stock 2756
UK: Gordon Brown saddles the taxpayer with the mega-ambitious dubious Mark Malloch Brown 2277
UK: 2007 Emma Humphreys Memorial Prizes to Suswati Basu & Mothers of Sexually Abused Children 4197
Pakistan: Time for Bush Jnr to end support of an unstable, power-crazy dictator 1894
Pakistan: Urgent petition for rule of law to defeat Musharraf's attack on judiciary & civil society 1855
India: US desperate to save Bush Jnr's shonky nuclear deal, even at risk of Manmohan Singh Govt 1852
Italy: Fearless Giuliana Sgrena to take charges against US soldier Mario Lozano to higher court 2373
London: Uncontentious silence greets arrival of House of Fraud's King for State-sponsored visit 2065
Australia: Howard Govt's "Becoming an Australian citizen" historically astray on women MPs 2708
Australia: Aboriginal clans say NO after being misled by Howard Govt's plans for nuclear dump 2754
Global Report on Income Equality: POVERTY KILLS 2931
London: Doris Lessing at 88, as ever wonderfully feisty AND the 11th woman Nobel literature laureate 2893
Washington DC: Cheney, absolutely corrupted by absolute power, moves Dubya ever closer to WW III 2436
The Nobel Peace Prize: A history of honouring "war criminals" 2382
India: Talwar's anti-[women's]-fertility vaccine still rearing its ugly head 5798
Washington DC: Bush Jnr's torture immorality divides & weakens the nation he pledged to defend 2159
London: He who plagiarised Rosalind Franklin's DNA clues falls to his own foot-in-mouth-disease 2435
Washington DC: Bush Jnr deeply deluded but tragically relevant 1889
Washington DC: Bush Jnr, a fascist lunatic at large, amused & deadly serious about creating WW III 2016
India: A bazaar for trafficked domestics, migrants, child sex slaves, forced brides, infant adoption 2347