Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest January - May 2008
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War Crimes accusations grow louder against Bush Jnr, Anthony Charles Blair & John Winston Howard 2833
Burma: Aung San Suu Kyi, victim of the junta & a global virus [read *cowardly silence*] 3173
Wales: Bush Jnr henchman, bullyboy Bolton, heckled & almost "citizen" arrested for war crimes 2427
Dublin: US indulging in widespread bullying to ensure ban on cluster munitions remains toothless 2816
China: In one city alone 200K surveillance cameras disguised as lampposts, & system ready for export 10089
Nepal: Hisila Yami. Minister within Interim Govt, promises to prioritise women's rights 1623
Burma: Cyclone Nargis kills 134,000, & should coincide with end to Aung San Suu Kyi's incarceration 2551
Mexico: With social protest a crime in the fascist nation, justice relegated to the phantom drawer 3845
New York: 2008 Roger N. Baldwin Medal of Liberty to Somali's Hawa Aden Mohamed 2588
China: Cruel and myopic one-child policy bites again, deepening grief after mega-Sichuan Quake 4791
Burma: Buddhist monks for cyclone Nargis survivors, Junta’s uniformed for media photo-ops 3516
Australia: Climate change crisis, but takes British media to herald sinking Torres Straight Islands 2738
Afghanistan: Child health & environmental problems linked to US's depleted-uranium missiles 2745
India: Transgenerational victims of Union Carbide gas leak forsaken by Govt & Dow Chemicals 4479
India: Pointlessly when culprits rarely arrested, Govt planning tougher female foeticide penalties 2450
Australia: Burying Howard's flawed conservatism, PM Rudd appoints a feminist Governor-General 3072
Climate Change: Framing consumption in 10 ways that move beyond Al Gore's shopping cart 2705
Iraq: A nation ruined by the war criminal trinity of Bush Jnr, Tony Blair and John Howard 2919
Burma: National League for Democracy vetoes Junta's draft constitution vetoing Aung San Suu Kyi 3174
India: Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 covers violence beyond the physical 12176
China: Tibetan protests successfully turning Olympic dream into worst-case-scenario nightmare 2339
Australia: Report of older single women’s extreme risk of poverty may see aged pension overhaul 3770
Afghanistan: Under Bush Jnr’s puppet Karzai, warlord Dostum walks free, free press a distant dream 1793
India: Arundhati Roy & colleagues seek citizenship for Taslima & repeal of laws threatening freedom 2627
Australia: New PM Rudd says "sorry" for State-imposed atrocities inflicted on country's Indigenous 2757
Europe: Power hungry Blair as President of European Union Council? Sign petition to say "No way!" 2809
The Invisibles: Five neglected crises, including mass rape of women & girls in the Congo 1825
Germany: Saluting the nameless non-Jewish wives who successfully & publicly resisted the Third Reich 1868
US: Bush Jnr's fake war on terror via FBI agents creating public fear of harmless jihadi dreamers 2259
Afghanistan: Refusing to be silenced, Malalai Joya tells of Talibanisation under Bush Jnr's regime 2252
India: The incredible courage of Gujarat's Bilkis Bano, gang-raped, witness to murder, vindicated 10762
Washington DC: Bush Jnr & cronies lied on 532 separate occasions to orchestrate Iraq assault 1639
India: Inaugural Cyril Baselios Catholicos medal to Medha Patkar for social justice struggles 1773
Israel: Now a global movement, Women in Black marks 20 years of fearless protest against tyrannies 4212
Iraq: Bush Jnr's legacy of civilian morbidity risks exceeding already shameful civilian mortality 1848
France: Prestigious Simon De Beauvoir 2008 Award to ever courageous Taslima Nasreen 2003
January 9 2008: A day to recount the priceless contributions of Simone De Beauvoir 3354
US: Cultures of military-trained human Dobermans & male violence give rise to domestic murder spree 1825
Iraq: Petition for the 4.7M, 4M of whom are women & children, displaced by Bush Jnr's genocidal war 1608
'The Confidante' exposes Condoleezza Rice's thin intellectual achievements, boundless ambition 2942
India: Despite NGO & tribal issues, Govt steams ahead with uranium mining in Khasi Hills, Meghalaya 4416